- QA Test Engineer

QA Test Engineer

Full Time

Years of Experience:

3-5 years


Partially-flexible hours

Ideal Start Date:

December 1, 2021


November 23, 2021

About the Company

Company Vision

It’s 2030… and what an incredible ride it’s been! We’ve positively impacted humanity when it comes to work, alongside many other incredible people and companies who stepped up following the pandemic and worked collaboratively to usher in a new way of working together. We've become the home of meaningful work. Where culture-first companies build thriving teams made up of highly aligned, conscious professionals. Our culture-matching algorithm means it’s easy to find the perfect work match.

Company Purpose

Redefining work into something that's borderless, where people come together to work based on shared passion and enthusiasm. Teams are diverse, and opportunity is equal. A truly inclusive world of work that has a ripple effect into everyday lives the world over.

Company Values

Stay curious, stay open. Ask questions with an open mind, stay curious always as to the infinite possibilities that may exist.
Trust through transparency. We build trust through communicating our truth timely, openly, directly, with respect and kindness.
Constant innovation. We move quickly and often, making many small improvements with our community in mind.
Empowerment and ownership. We take responsibility for our roles, our own experience, and grow through our challenges.
Passionately committed. We’re optimistic by nature, and stay passionately committed to finding a way forward.


SQL (Programming Language)
Selenium (Software)
Test Automation

About the Job

Growmotely is looking for teammates who are naturally curious and love to ask questions. We cultivate an inclusive culture where everyone can contribute, grow, and feel valued. As a Test Engineer at Growmotely, you’ll jump right in and work on projects that are important to our success. Our team collaborates with the rest of the company to execute on engineering projects that help Growmotely scale and move forward. Come join us and help build technology that is transforming the future of work! 

We are currently seeking a test engineer to join our software engineering team. We are looking for team members with a background in a combination of automated and manual testing of Angular web apps with .net/C# service back end to join Growmotely as a full-time member of our system engineering team.

A day in the life (the job responsibilities, what you’ll be doing, how we roll):


  • Collaborate. With front end engineers, visual/interaction designers, back end engineers, devops engineers and product owners to launch new features, iterate on existing features, and build world-class user experiences that are changing the future of work!
  • Automating tests and writing supporting test code - as an integral part of the development team, writing tests and automating them is job number one. You will be working closely as an integral member of our team to build a world-class application and platform, but the test domain is your kingdom. 
  • Interacting with the development teams, both front and back end, and internal and external users to understand their testing needs. You’ll be comfortable working with the users of the system to clarify requirements and test cases and making sure the tests support the requirements. 
  • Collaborating with the developers to build testable code and help guide them as they automate testing. It will be a collaborative effort. 
  • Implementing test tools and integrating them into the CI/CD process alongside our DevOps engineer.
  • Be an expert in your test tools and collaborate in their selection and implementation. Educate your team on best practices and guide the generation of test data.
  • Creating sustainable, repeatable test cases as new requirements are developed.
  • You are product-first over tech-perfection, prioritizing "shipping working code to users and getting feedback" over "getting the tech just right." The tech and getting it right is essential, but you understand that "perfection is the enemy of good enough."
  • Being relentlessly curious about your tools and new tools to help speed development and deployment of high quality software. You won’t rest on your laurels, you are always looking for ways to improve your skills and the platform you are working on.
  • Focus on creating software that is clean, readable, scalable, robust, testable, easy to maintain, and easily deployed software.
  • Being systems minded while still delivering real value to both internal and external users.
  • You are learning new things and love it -- every day! We are relentlessly curious!
  • Very few meetings. We're entirely remote and distributed and try to keep the need for meetings to as few as possible. 


About you:

We know there’s no such thing as a “perfect" candidate - we’re all a work in progress and are growing new skills and capabilities all the time. We encourage you to apply for a position with us even if you don’t meet 100% of the requirements. We believe in fostering an environment where there is a diversity of perspectives and room for growth in hopes that we can all thrive.


  • Two to four years of verifiable experience building automated test suites in support of web SaaS products. 
  • At least one year of experience testing moderate to complex Angular web applications with referenceable deployments.
  • Verifiable experience testing moderate to complex mobile applications with referenceable deployments to both Apple and Google's app stores.
  • Experience and willingness to write, run and coordinate manual test efforts as needed.
  • A minimum of one year of experience testing moderate to complex cloud-native back end systems and microservices with referenceable deployments.
  • Experience and proven ability to write readable tests and test documents as needed and work with users and developers to develop meaningful tests.
  • Experience writing tests to verify user access controls.
  • Experience choosing and implementing test tools and integrating them into the development process and toolchain.
  • Experience collaborating with pen-testers and secure code static analysis tools. 
  • Proficiency in working with version control (GitHub/GitLab/BitBucket). 
  • Experience working in an Agile environment (Scrum / Kanban preferred).
  • Familiarity with modern open-source thinking and tools (git, continuous builds, continuous deployment, etc.). 
  • A computer science degree is preferred but not mandatory if you have the right stuff.
  • Real-world experience building products for the public. Ideally, at least 2+ years.
  • You should have deep experience contributing to and managing full-scale production applications. We're a startup, and everyone from the CTO down will be taking on-call rotations. The whole team is here to help; our aspiration is NoOps, but we're realists.
  • You have outstanding English verbal and written communication skills.
  • Excellent attention to detail. 
  • Proactive and efficient. 
  • Prior experience working and collaborating remotely.
  • Desire to build and be part of a fun, high performing software engineering team.
  • Collaboratively independent. Collaborating with teammates as needed yet with the ability to self-manage and work independently
  • Eager to build and be part of a fun, high performing software engineering team.



  • Experience in an early-stage startup environment.
  • Experience building a SaaS product.
  • Experience re-architecting monolithic back end services and API's as modern cloud-native microservices.
  • Angular and/or Flutter experience 


  • This is a full time remote position. Weekdays are preferred so we can collaborate, but getting the job done is our focus. Ideally, you will typically work a good portion of your core hours during  9 am - 5 pm CST (UTC -6)  - this role is entirely remote, but we want to collaborate!
  • A computer capable of running a full suite of dev tools for development and testing.
  • High speed and reliable internet capable of running Google Meet / Zoom or similar meeting software and supporting access to development tools and cloud infrastructure.
  • High quality headset with microphone
  • A quiet and comfortable workspace - cafe's and co-work spaces are fine, as is your tree fort so long as we can hear each other when we're collaborating. This is where that quality headset really helps!

100% remote.