Where, Why and How work remotely

What entrepreneurs and professionals want and need in 2021 and beyond.

Do you think remote work will become the new normal?

I like to work to my own rhythm and in different places.
I also learned to travel and work at the same time. My wife is a professional photographer, working remotely means we can be together more often.

-32 year old professional from Canada-

Being remote is about where you work, let’s dig into the how and why

Here 520 stories from Entrepreneurs and Professionals in 35 countries

We asked Entrepreneurs about the

Driving factor for starting a business

Working remotely enhances the sense of freedom for both Entrepreneurs and Professionals, as this lifestyle allows for more flexibility of where work is performed.

Then we asked them

How happy they are with their current team

We asked Entrepreneurs about the

Driving factor for starting a business

When asked about their happiness and satisfaction with their current teams and roles, we clearly see there’s room for improvement in how the work is performed and most importantly in why they do what they do within their organizations.

We also asked Entrepreneurs:
none of their team worked for them today,

What percentage of them would you hire again?


Would hire all of their current team


Would hire more than half of their current team


Would hire only half of their current team

We believe culture alignment and clear expectations when hiring a remote team or choosing a remote role is crucial for the individual growth of everyone in a remote company, translating into the growth of the business itself.

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