Building the Thriving Business of the Future

A global online event for forward-thinking entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders seeking to step into their greatness and play their part in transforming the world of work and business.

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Humanity is being called to evolve and business plays a key role in this evolution

We’re in a pivotal time in our society. Humanity has the opportunity right now to evolve towards more individual and collective wellbeing.

Amid this huge evolutionary change, we’re on a journey to support businesses and individuals elevate and step into the global co-creation of a more beautiful world.

Join us to explore and learn how to build a truly thriving business, now and in the future.

Expansive panel-style conversations on the future of work, business and society

Welcome session

Monday, Feb 7th, 2022
7.45am PST | 3.45pm GMT | +2.45am AEST

Session 1:

The New

Monday, Feb 7th, 2022
8am PST | 4pm GMT | +3am AEST

Discover how the fundamentals (trust and empowerment) of asynchronous, anywhere work, with a focus on outcomes over hours, can transform our experience and relationship with work and what we can do in the world.

Special solo session: Jason Fried (Basecamp)

Panel session: Betsy Bula (Gitlab), Chase Warrington (Doist), Anastasia Kryzhanovska (Mailbird)

Session 2:

Era of The Sovereign Individual

Monday, Feb 7th, 2022
2pm PST | 10pm GMT | 9am AEST

How does and will the world look as we move into the era of individual sovereignty and personal power? How does this evolve our relationship with our team members, and society’s relationship with work as a whole?

Panel session: Lavinia Iosub (Livit), Sondre Rasch (Safetywing), John Lee (The Work From Anywhere Team), Doug Antin (The Sovereign Individual Weekly), Bryan Stewart (Hacker Paradise)

Session 3:

Conscious Culture and Heart-led Leadership

Tuesday, Feb 8th, 2022
8am PST | 4pm GMT | +3am AEST

As the cultural model evolves, it’s time for us to bravely step into a new world as leaders.

Learn from leaders who tap into their intuition and the power of the quantum field to attract to them that which is in highest alignment, and how they bring this into everyday leadership.

Panel session: Barbara Mutedzi (Conscious Leadership Coach), Justin Foster (Root+River), Sarah Hawley (Growmotely)

Session 4:

Achieving Diversity
Through Global Hiring

Tuesday, Feb 8th, 2022
2pm PST | 10pm GMT | 9am AEST

True diversity and inclusion transcends national borders, and centres around the fact we are one species here on planet earth. Learn how hiring globally can help us as leaders unpack our own unconscious biases, improve our businesses and positively impact society.

Panel session: Lorraine Charles (Na’amal), Meggie Palmer (PepTalkHer), Toby Mildon (Diversity & Inclusion Architect)

Session 5:

Cryptocurrency and Global Pay

Wednesday, Feb 9th, 2022
8am PST | 4pm GMT | +3am AEST

Cryptocurrency is here to stay, and as we move toward normalizing global teams through remote work, digital currency will have a big role to play. This discussion will centre around the current challenges of global pay, and how cryptocurrency may begin to solve them.

Panel session: Lavinia D Osbourne (Women in Blockchain Talks), Jeff Pulver (Internet Pioneer), Maliha Abidi (Creator of Women Rise NFT Collection), Austin Floyd (Cryptocurrency Advisor)

Session 6:

Business as a Force For Good

Wednesday, Feb 9th, 2022
2pm PST | 10pm GMT | 9am AEST

Visionary leaders discuss what it means to build companies that are good for people, and good for the planet, why they’ve chosen to do this and why it’s the only option moving forward for the survival of humanity.

Special solo session: Richard Rudd (The Gene Keys)

Panel session: Richard Rudd (The Gene Keys), Maxine Cunningham (Pick My Brain), Laura Trotta (Sustainability Engineer)

Closing session

Culture Awards

Wednesday, Feb 9th, 2022
3:35pm PST | 11:35pm GMT | 10:35am AEST

Award session for companies on our platform who are building and nurturing great internal cultures.

*All sessions will be recorded and available to all registrants after the event.

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A visionary gathering
of leading experts and thought leaders

Author of Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA
Session | Business as a Force for Good

An international teacher, mystic and poet,  Richard has studied with great teachers in the East, traveled through the Himalayas, the Pacific, the Americas and the Arctic.All his studies became synthesized when he began to write the Gene Keys – a vast synthesis exploring the miraculous possibilities inherent in human DNA.  His work has been translated into many languages, and in 2019, Richard was named on the Watkins list of The 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People.

Social Entrepreneur, Researcher and Co-Founder of Na’amal
Session | Achieving Diversity
Through Global Hiring

Lorraine Charles is a social entrepreneur and a researcher. She is the Co-founder and Executive Director of Na’amal, which links forcibly displaced people with remote work opportunities. She is a Research Associate for the Centre for Business Research, University of Cambridge. She is also a member of the MIT ReACT Advisory Committee and the International Rescue Committee (IRC) Technical Advisory Committee for ReBuild, their East Africa livelihood programme.

CEO and Co-Founder of Basecamp, co-author of books ‘Rework’ and ‘Remote’
Session | The New Remote Model

Jason Fried thinks deeply about collaboration, productivity and the nature of work. He’s the CEO and co-founder of Basecamp (previously 37 signals), makers of Basecamp and other web-based collaboration tools, including Highrise, Backpack, Campfire, Ta-da List, and Writeboard. Jason is also the co-author of international best-seller book Rework, as well as Remote and It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work. His motto is, ‘It’s simple until you make it complicated’.

Head of Remote
at Doist
Session | The New
Remote Model

Chase Warrington is the Head of Remote at Doist, a pioneer of remote work that specializes in productivity software.
Chase has worked in both hybrid and remote-first environments for over 12 years, managing teams spanning all timezones as one of Doist’s 100 employees in 35 countries. He is a regular contributor, instructor, and consultant to many of the leading remote work organizations and publications, as well as hosting his own podcast, About Abroad.

Conscious Leadership
Session | Conscious Culture and Heart-led Leadership

Barbara is a Conscious Leadership Coach, trained in Neuroscience-based coaching, Health & Community Psychology, Sociocultural and Medical Anthropology.  She helps leaders and business owners sharpen their conscious leadership skills, that is, helping them nurture their true essence, and who they truly are within. Barbara is also a researcher, wellness and wellbeing practitioner, an author, transformational speaker, yoga instructor and mindful meditation guide.

Internet Pioneer, Futurist, Entrepreneur
Session | Cryptocurrency
and Global Pay

Jeff Pulver is known as a globally renowned Internet thought leader. He helped change the way the world communicates and shaped the worldwide market acceptance of VoIPInternet. Jeff is committed to the future of the internet and passionate about Blockchain and Finance.
He’s also the Founder of Jeff Pulver Entertainment, Co-Founder Vonage, Entrepreneur, Investor, Futurist, Strategist, Business Coach, Mentor, Advisor, and an Astrophotographer.

Co-founder of the intrinsic branding firm Root + River
Session | Conscious Culture and Heart-led Leadership

Justin believes that great branding is an organizational discipline, not a department. He’s the co-founder of the intrinsic branding firm Root + River as well as a speaker, writer, poet and mentor. He has provided brand strategy coaching to leaders of every sector and industry. He wants to inspire everyone he meets to go inward, embrace the mystery and show the world who they truly are.

Creator of Women Rise NFT Collection
Session | Cryptocurrency
and Global Pay

Maliha Abidi is a published author and visual artist. Her work focuses on advocating for social justice including women’s rights, gender equality, girl’s education, mental health and fighting for the marginalised communities. She is the founder of Story of Mental health, an organisation focused on mental health of women, girls and the marginalised  and she is the creator and artist of Women Rise NFT collection.

CEO at Hacker Paradise &
Co-founder of Outpost
Session | Era of the
Sovereign Individual

Bryan is CEO at Hacker Paradise and cofounder of Outpost. Bryan worked on financing international development projects in Eastern Europe, Latin America and South Asia with several NGOs, Governments and the U.S. Peace Corps. Since relocating to Indonesia, Bryan has been instrumental in sharing his investment expertise and assisting the elevation of Asia-based start-ups to the global stage.

Senior Sustainability Engineer at GHD
Session | Business as a Force For Good

Laura Trotta is one of Australia’s leading sustainability educators and has inspired and educated thousands globally to adopt a greener lifestyle through her popular Eco Chat podcast and award-winning sustainable living programs Home Detox Boot Camp and Self Sufficiency in the Suburbs. Fusing her professional expertise as an environmental engineer with practical experience gained from founding and growing her own sustainable and ethical businesses, Laura coaches eco conscious businesses to grow their brand and make a bigger impact through her Eco Business Collective.

Lavinia D.
Founder at Women in Blockchain Talks
Session | Cryptocurrency and Global Pay

A Linkedin Leading Voice in Technology & Innovation 2021, Lavinia is also the award-winning host and founder of Women in Blockchain Talks, a “social impact” company. Their “50k Women into Blockchain by 2023” campaign is a vehicle to drive change. Lavinia is on a mission to decrease the gender gap in Blockchain technology, tech, and entrepreneurship. Her background is in financial wellness which is reflected in her desire to uplift individuals financially, professionally, and personally, giving those in her community a new way of thinking about their money, career, and life opportunities.

Founder and CEO at PepTalkHer
Session | Achieving Diversity Through Global Hiring

Meggie Palmer founded PepTalkHer with the mission of closing the gender pay gap. They work in-house with companies to retain high potential staff, running programs around confidence, negotiation & fostering an inclusive workplace.
Meggie also lectures at Columbia University & Barnard College. In her former life, she was an award-winning journalist turned entrepreneur. She spent 15 years as a journalist & Foreign Correspondent. Traveling from Syria to Italy telling stories for networks including BBC World, CNBC, Channel 7 & Vogue.

Co-Founder of Work From Anywhere
Session | Era of the
Sovereign Individual

John is the co-founder of  Work From Anywhere Team, a global tax marketplace to help companies with remote workers make work from anywhere a reality. He previously co-founded CultureMee, an intercultural awareness platform which won “Best Travel Technology Product” at the Global Youth Travel Awards in 2018.

All-Remote Evangelist
at GitLab
Session | The New
Remote Model

As an All-Remote Evangelist at GitLab, Betsy focuses on sharing the company’s all-remote brand with the world, helping others embrace the future of work. Prior to joining the All-Remote Marketing team, she spent her career in employer branding and recruitment marketing for high-growth tech companies.

Founder at ATTNlabs and Cryptocurrency Advisor
Session | Cryptocurrency
and Global Pay

Austin is the founder of ATTN Labs, a data driven marketing agency and has been in the cryptocurrency world since 2017, before recently stepping into advising. He spends most of his days thinking about how value systems and cryptocurrency will be used globally and how it will change the nature of the economy forever.

Founder of Remote Skills Academy and Managing Partner at Livit International
Session | The Sovereign Individual

Lavinia  is a future of work advocate and Managing Partner at Livit , a comprehensive support ecosystem for entrepreneurs and start-up teams. She’s also the founder of the Remote Skills Academy, an impact-focused education program providing an opportunity for Indonesians and Thais to thrive in the new realities of work. Her fields of expertise are new ways of working, modern leadership, remote work culture, work-life balance, sustainable entrepreneurship and her experience spans 4 continents and 40+ countries .

Diversity & Inclusion Architect and Founder of Mildon
Session | Achieving Diversity Through Global Hiring

Toby Mildon is a Diversity & Inclusion Architect and founder of Mildon, a consultancy and advisory business. He works with businesses to re-engineer processes and systems to minimise the impact of bias and build a culture of inclusion.Toby worked as an in-house diversity and inclusion manager at the BBC and Deloitte. He led countless initiatives to build diversity and culture, including targeted talent initiatives to get more women into tech, implement family-friendly policies and practices, and improve workplace accessibility to benefit all.

Founder and CEO
at Pick My Brain
Session | Business as
a Force For Good

Maxine is an investment banker, turned economist, turned CEO of Pick My Brain. Maxine is on a mission to help make the world’s most interesting people more creatively available, accessible and useful by inspiring them to package, price and sell the knowledge in new and creative ways. She has attracted more than 500+ Brains from 20+ different countries to Pick My Brain and helped them think of new ways to package, price, sell and gift their knowledge. Maxine has also facilitated and inspired over 5,000+ conversations on Pick My Brain

Co-Founder and CEO of SafetyWing
Session | Era of the
Sovereign Individual

Sondre is the co-founder and CEO of SafetyWing. SafetyWing offers health insurance for remote teams and nomads, and is in the process of building a global social safety net and a country on the internet. Previously Sondre is the co-founder of freelancer platform SuperSide and was a policy advisor for the Government of Norway.

Senior Content Manager at Mailbird
Session | The New
Remote Model

Senior Content Manager at Mailbird, Anastasia has been working remotely for more than 13 years and she’s deeply convinced that remote work is our world’s bright new future and that teams can be highly effective regardless of their members’ locations, cultural backgrounds, or even schedules.

Founder of The Sovereign Individual Weekly
Session | Era of the
Sovereign Individual

Doug is the founder and author of The Sovereign Individual Weekly. He helps readers understand how the digital transformation provides opportunities that create a new, unique, and dominant social class known as the Sovereign Individual. He has a diverse range of experiences from his time working at traditional finance, crypto, and technology-focused companies.

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