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Our series of events is dedicated to enhance the lives of those in our ecosystem. Featuring experts sharing high-quality, thought provoking, deep and unique knowledge.

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Align Summit

Building the Thriving Business of the Future

A global online event for forward-thinking entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders seeking to step into their greatness and play their part in transforming the world of work and business.

Setting Healthy Boundaries | Masterclass with Adrian Ellison

Learning more about boundaries is an essential foundational block on our journey towards more self-discovery. Led by Adrian Ellison, modern day Medicine Woman and  Founder of The Alpas Project & Self Healer Mastermind. 

Thriving as a Remote Worker | Masterclass with Jordan Carroll

Jordan Carroll, aka The Remote Job Coach, creates content, courses, and coaching programs to help high performers learn a process to land legitimate remote jobs and gain freedom and flexibility in their lives. Thousands of remote job seekers have used his methodologies to find success in their search. 

Somatic Awareness Techniques | Masterclass with Joe Hawley

Learn to recognize and move through fear, resistance and triggers that may be holding you back from living a more connected aligned life, from Joe Hawley – former NFL athlete turned entrepreneur, podcast host, trauma-informed psychosomatic coach and Founder of The Härt Collectives.

Magnetic Money | Masterclass with Freya Savage

Learn how to approach money in a more conscious way and create a better practical relationship with your finances, from Freya Savage – the creator of the world’s first Money School that combines true deep financial education with money mindset.

Fertility Conversations and Compassion | Masterclass with Erica Evans

To build a family or not to build a family When is the right time? Fertility struggles. Adoption. Surrogacy. Egg – freezing. Anxiety about balancing parenthood with a career. Erica is here to show us how coaching can help navigate all this.

Live Beyond Fear | Masterclass with Ben Harris

Ben Harris – co – founder of the Hart Collective – is showing up for our community so that he can teach us how to confront our fears and then release them. Join us to learn how to move past our fears, and return home to our true selves.

Shadow Work | Masterclass with Adrian Ellison

Adrian Ellison kicked off our 2022 masterclass series by leading our community on a journey of ‘setting healthy boundaries’. This week she’s back, exploring everything that is Shadow Work. “

Alone and Burnt Out | Masterclass with Melissa Pisante and Nick Rothwell

On Wednesday, the 4th of May, our embodied experts –  and Nick Rothwell (of Re-Tribe) – will be our guides in exploring the different ways that stress, anxiety, overwhelm and other challenging feelings show up for us. 

Crypto Basics | Masterclass with Micah Baylor

Are you crypto – curious? If yes – this masterclass could be for you! Join us on Wednesday, 18th of May, and learn about – amongst other things – the different types of crypto assets, protocols, and apps that are being used to ‘go bankless’.

Rapid Rewire | Masterclass with Stephanie Kwong

Join Stephanie Kwong, co-creator of the Rapid Rewire Method, as she shares the simple set of processes that enable you to shift out of states of stress, suffering, or stuckness in both personal and professional lives, in less than an hour. 

Conscious Conversations Webinar I Conscious culture… and the thriving teams of the future  Webinar with Sarah Hawley

Hear our Founder and CEO Sarah Hawley share insights on why creating a conscious culture is key to having a thriving, high-performing team and how to do it in your business. 

Savour Your Spending | Masterclass with Graham Wells

Graham, a Chartered Financial Planner and financial coach based in the UK, will lead us through what it means to savour not only the spending of our money – but also the spending of our time. Two things that most of us never seem to have enough of!

Heart-Centered Navigation | Masterclass with Winter Clark

We are not the sum of our experiences; we are the essence of our journey. In this masterclass, Winter Clark, an Embodiment Activation Guide will teach you how to create a dialogue between mind and body for greater clarity and a more aligned life.

Conscious Conversations Webinar – Navigating exits in the new paradigm webinar | The transformative power of transparency at work

In a webinar we will be hosting on Tuesday, 26th July, Growmotely’s Founder and CEO Sarah Hawley – author of the book Conscious Leadership: A Journey from Ego to Heart – will be sharing her rich experience on this topic, and answering all the questions you may have related to exits.

Conscious Conversations Webinar | Assessing and improving the health of your culture webinar

Join us for our next gathering, where our Founder and CEO Sarah Hawley and Lona Alia of SafetyWing will dive deep into the topic of ‘assessing and improving the health of our work cultures’ and share their experience and expertise. 

Self-Partnered Productivity | Masterclass with Vanessa Kettner 

In this masterclass, Vanessa will  teach us effective ways of thinking about self-partnered productivity, and also share with us a handful of practical tools and techniques that she uses on a regular basis to self-partner in the realm of personal productivity.

Conscious Conversations | Masculine & Feminine Energy in Business

In this webinar, we will be hearing from three provocative thinkers in this realm, as they lead us in exploring how we can better balance these energies, as we move forward into a more conscious way of working and doing business…one that is focused on collaboration and inclusivity.

Resilience in Remote Work | Masterclass with Lisa Stephenson

In this masterclass, Lisa will share several components of resilience and how they can each be implemented when working remotely (each component will have a practical tool for the participants to take away).

How to Create Trust as a Remote Worker | Masterclass with Jordan Carroll

Here at Growmotely we recently modified one of our company values from ‘Transparency and candour’ to ‘Trust through transparency’.
And in this vein, we have invited one of our favorite remote work experts – Jordan Carroll – to deliver a masterclass to our community on the topic of trust…and how we build it when we’re working remotely!

Align With What Lights You Up While Working Remotely | Masterclass with Mary Tess Rooney

You and your value matter! As a Heart Value expert, author, podcast host and speaker, Mary Tess invites discussion and offers tools to help people, like you, activate appreciation and honor your feelings, choices and actions to increase fulfillment and joy.

Self-Sovereignty & Remote Work | Masterclass with Doug Antin

In this masterclass, Doug Antin makes a presentation about how remote work creates a renaissance of self-sovereignty, covering how remote work isn’t just a workstyle but a method for individuals to take more control over their lives while reducing outside influences.

Conscious Conversations Webinar | Going all-in on remote culture – Where do we begin?

In this Conscious Conversations webinar, our CEO and founder Sarah Hawley joins Darcy Marie Boles and Chris Dyer to dive deep into what it means to go remote first and subsequently how to intentionally design your remote-first culture with a focus on purpose, values and hiring aligned talent.

Parenting & Remote Work I Live Masterclass with Julie Daniel

In this 60 minute session Julie is exploring the unique challenges of being a parent and working remotely and shares some everyday strategies and practical tips that will help you manage this complex set of demands.

Take Control of Your Remote Working Days I Live Masterclass with Ali Pruitt

If you constantly feel reactive, unsure of where all of your time goes, and struggle to unplug from work, then you likely aren’t enjoying all the freedom and flexibility that remote work offers. In this masterclass, Ali will be teaching fundamental principles to take control of your remote working days.

Conscious Conversations Webinar I A Global Perspective on Hierarchy

Richard Rudd – author of the Gene Keys and Barbara Mutedzi – Conscious Leadership Coach immerse into a deep and wholesome conversation around hierarchy.

12 Steps Bucket List for Your Best Year Yet I Live Masterclass with Nini Fritz

Within an hour of power, you will learn from Nini Fritz how to create and take action on your personally meaningful 12-steps Bucket List for a life with more purpose, meaning, and fulfilment.

Overcoming Procrastination While Working Remotely I Live Masterclass with Ben Harris

A toolkit for you to overcome procrastination while working as a remote professional. On this masterclass, Ben Harris helps us understand why we procrastinate and what we can do about it. 

Conscious Conversations Webinar | Soul-Life Balance for Leaders

In this session of the Conscious Conversations Webinar, Sam Kabert and Sarah Hawley meet for an expansive conversation on ‘SOUL-Life Balance’ which means putting one’s own mental health as the #1 priority while reframing work as a part of being a human.

Foundations of Async Communication | Live Masterclass with Pilar Orti and Simon Wilson

Join Pilar and Simon as they share their experience working with a wide range of online teams, and the challenges organizations face when trying to adopt a healthy balance of synchronous and asynchronous interactions .

Navigating Uncertainty: Building Resilience and Standing Strong in “Unsettling” Times | Live Masterclass with Ashleigh Rich

In this time together, we explored various self-care and strength-building practices, along with some practical tools on how to develop the resilience needed to show up for yourself and keep going when times are tough.

Remote 101 (Tactical Tips) | Live Masterclass with Ali Greene

Despite the global experiment of “working from home” the past few years, many people have truly mastered the basics of being a successful remote professional. 

In this gathering, Ali dives into 5 tactical tips you need to know to graduate beyond Remote 101. 

Co-Living, Slow Traveling, Community & Remote Work| Live Masterclass with Anja von Emden

Whether you’re a remote worker, digital nomad, a freelancer, or simply someone who wants to experience a new way of living and working, this gathering might be for you. This was an experience sharing on all things slow travelling, co-living, community and remote work. 

How to Find an Aligned Remote Job | Live Masterclass with Kristin Vierra

In this interactive session, you’ll learn how to identify remote opportunities that align with your passions and values to guide your search for fulfilling work. 
Come prepared to actively participate and gain valuable insights that will propel you towards finding aligned and fulfilling remote work. 

How to Build a Digital Offer that Fits Your Lifestyle & Helps Achieve Your Life Goals | Live Masterclass with Nienke Nina Keizer

In this session, Nina provided practical advice for those looking to kick start a project that meets their freedom goals, including understanding their genuine motivation and big picture, ensuring a lifestyle fit, defining their success image, and considering their toolbox.

Authentic Productivity: Conquer Procrastination by Aligning and Resourcing Yourself | Live Masterclass with Taylor Jacobson

In this session, Taylor delves into the commonly misunderstood root causes of procrastination and shares how to use 3 simple techniques to overcome it.

Remote Agility: Unleashing Creativity Through Improvisation | Live Masterclass with Bogdan Grigore

In this session, Bogdan taught us how to use improvisation techniques to overcome the challenges of working remotely, build more agile and creative teams and collaborate more effectively with team members.

New Age Of Reality – How To Use Your Imagination To Achieve Your Goals | Live Masterclass with Lena Thompson

In this session, Lena shared three steps to show how to make significant changes in all areas of our lives with less effort and more ease by applying imagination to our goals.

Working Remotely – What’s the Fear? I Live Masterclass with Dr. Barbara Mutedzi, PhD

In this session, together with Barbara, we explored what’s under the under the Iceberg, so we can become more conscious to our full capabilities and start a journey of living a life full of passion, purpose and potency.

How to Build Your Linkedin Presence I Live Masterclass with Lorraine K. Lee

In this session, Lorraine shared strategies and best practices for sharing content that not only grows your audience and visibility but also solidifies your position as an industry expert.

Get Paid What You’re Worth: How to Talk Money with Your Boss I Live Masterclass with Mick Mize

In this session, we learned the importance of having a supportive network, researching salaries, and understanding one’s value in the workplace and we also reflected on our own experiences and aspirations.

Core Needs Communication I Live Masterclass with Sabian Finogwar

In this session, we learned about Core Needs Communication – a designed language with vocabulary and structure that centers around “clean thinking” and intentions, which brings focus and gravity towards recognizing, connecting, and fulfilling people’s top-level values and needs.

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