A guided visualization for teams

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In our monthly All Company meeting this week, I took the team through a powerful visualization exercise. Many of us, as entrepreneurs, are familiar with our ability to set goals, to manifest and essentially to create our reality.

This exercise amplifies that power and potential, by harnessing the entire team’s ability to bring to life the future of the organization. It also helps to anchor everyone in to the energy of the business (when we view our companies through the lense of them being their own conscious entities) and to each other as a cohesive team.

Here’s how we did it:

1. I asked everyone to get comfortable, and close their eyes.

2. Together we took three deep breaths in order to slow down our systems and drop into the present moment (I guided everyone through each inhale and exhale in a similar way to perhaps you’ve experienced at a yoga class).

3. I then slowly said something like the following (I was channeling and intuiting this part of the process as I often do when I do any form of speaking, so it wasn’t exactly these words but similar enough): 

Imagine it is sometime in the future… one year, three years, five years, it doesn’t really matter but it is a later date that feels comfortable and meaningful for you.

Think about who you are at this moment in time… the things you’ve achieved in your career, the ways in which you’ve grown and developed, the role you’re now in at Growmotely and how that feels for you.

What does your day look like, your team and the way you’re interacting with our entire community.

Picture now in your mind’s eye where Growmotely is as an organization… the positive impact we’ve had on the world, the experiences we’ve given to our community, the eco-system we’ve been able to co-create with everyone in our sphere.

Take some time to think about the meaningful milestones and achievements we’ve celebrated along the way as a team.

Perhaps now let’s imagine us all together celebrating a particular milestone. Maybe it’s the day we ring the opening bell and take our company public. What does it feel like to be there, who’s by your side, what are you feeling, what does it sound like, how are we celebrating together. Maybe we’re all hugging and dancing and laughing and crying and all the things…

Bring this moment to life in your mind, body and soul.

Let’s sit with this moment for a little longer, before we take a final deep breath in together and release. Blink your eyes open slowly.

After we completed the exercise I opened up space for anyone who felt called to share what came up for them, things they felt, saw, emotions, anything at all. The sharing was very beautiful and carried on online after our meeting. For me this felt like a transformative experience.

I want to be completely honest with you however, I was quite terrified to take my team through this. All sorts of fears came up around this (me) being ‘too much’, ‘out there’, ‘weird’, etc. My heart was thumping as I opened our monthly All Company meeting knowing I was going to ask them to drop into a guided visualization with me.

Of course, it went well. It was received beautifully. It was very powerful. And I no longer feel afraid of an exercise like this, I feel free and liberated and excited to incorporate this into something we’ll do regularly moving forward. It also freed up space for me to create a detailed Leadership Development program for our leadership team, something I’d been thinking about and sitting on for several weeks. As always, on the other side of fear lies freedom and I’m glad I pushed myself through my resistance and ultimately chose to show up in this way for my company.

If you’re interested in hearing more about the fear side of things, and my internal process as a leader when it comes to fears around showing up in my fullest potential, check out my new video series: Leadership Chronicles

Shine bright,

Sarah Hawley
CEO & Founder Growmotely

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