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Let’s be real, it’s not always easy to know what we want for work and what our ideal role is. Especially if we don’t have a framework to help us have more clarity. 

There’s so many options we can consider, and so many routes, that getting to know what we want sometimes feels like running through a maze. 

And even when we do know what we want, it’s worth considering, that what we want is not always what we actually need. 

Connect with your needs 

Our wants and our needs are not always aligned. We might want something, but is it always what we need? 

Take into consideration the full spectrum of your needs – the financial aspect is just one, think also about what you need to thrive, and to feel fulfilled. 

What are the skills you feel the need to express? What’s your personal rhythm? What fuels you? What’s your ideal lifestyle and what do you need socially?

We’re whole beings, with a variety of needs. Make sure your outward wants are aligned with these.

Create your dream role checklist

We do checklists for tasks, we do them for traveling, and even to pinpoint what we’d want in our partnerships. It helps us remember the essential things. What we want and need in a role that’s such a big part of our life is worth its own checklist.

This is a framework you can use to bring more clarity. 

Write down somewhere where it’s easy for you to see, this simple ideal role checklist that’ll serve both as a reminder and a filter as you’re role hunting. 

What makes us tick and keeps us motivated sits at the intersection of what we genuinely need, what we’re passionate about and what are able to commit to. In creating your ideal role checklist, bear in mind what is important for you long-term and what is sustainable. 

1. Your role 

We play various roles. We’re friends, we’re co-workers, we’re parents and siblings, and when we shine best at these roles is when we feel authentic, nurtured, and committed.  

Your ideal work role should also feel like this. It should reflect your authenticity(what you can do and what you naturally enjoy doing), respond to your core needs, and something you see yourself investing time and energy in. 

Put your ideal role top of your checklist. 

2. Flexibility 

Now, have a think about your flexibility needs. Do you want and need fully-flexible hours, would you do partially-fixed hours or be just great with fixed? What would work best for you and your own rhythm? And what kind of flexibility can you commit to? Then add your conclusions under flexibility on your checklist. 

3. Time commitment

Is it a full-time role you’re looking for or would a part-time be more fit to your current set up, context, and needs? Write down the time you can and want to invest and don’t negotiate yourself on this.

5. Culture

Culture fitting has its special place on this ideal role checklist. In order to thrive, you need the right environment and to feel aligned to your personal values. Try to describe as best as you can the type of work environment and energy you like to work in. And make a list of all of the values that resonate with you, that you hold dear, and values you embody in your life too. 

6. Interests 

We’re all naturally attracted towards some things more than others. Make a list of all the things you’re genuinely interested in, specific industries you’d like to work in, things you’re passionate about or missions you feel drawn to. That’ll serve as another great filter on your dream role checklist

Once you’ve had this 6-step checklist all fleshed out in details, use this as a tool to check if the roles you’re applying for tick your boxes and are the right ones for you.

A two way street 

‍There’s also the scenario when we know exactly what we want and it’s also what we need, but we’re reluctant to go for it, thinking it’s unreasonable, or unrealistic. 

In this case,  remember to think of the hiring process as a two-way street. Like with dating, it needs to be a win-win. It’s a process of knowing each other and exploring if you’re a real fit for each other, rather than trying to bend yourself and compromise on your true needs. 

Stay true to your checklist 

This ideal role checklist exercise is meant to keep you on track with yourself, and what you really want and need.

So, on Growmotely, we heartily encourage you to craft your candidate profile and position yourself in line with your checklist before scanning our job board for opportunities. 

And if the right opportunity is not there for you yet, to stay true to yourself and your checklist.

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