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A New World of Work 💫 

We no longer will be hoarding the beauty of our vibrant and resourceful Community for Remote Professionals. Starting on Monday, 3rd October, we are opening it up to professionals around the world. If you reside on Planet Earth, and you love our vibe, we would love for you to join us!

Assertive behavior and the Future of Work

“Our silence makes our relationships more superficial, as the more we are silent, the more people will only know us partially.” This quote is from a book on assertiveness, by a bloke called Duke Robinson. I was familiar with – and also had bought into – a number of reasons as to why it makes […]

Why we love self-partnered productivity

On Wednesday of this week – the 14th of September – Andreea Ioana Gătin (our masterclass magician here at Growmotely) and I kicked off the first masterclass, called Self-Partnered Productivity, in Growmotely’s new series of masterclasses.  We were thrilled to see people in our community from all over the globe log in to join the masterclass: Sri Lanka, Guatemala, Bulgaria, Romania, […]

What are your needs when it comes to online events?

When you think about “gatherings” what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? I would really love to learn about different perspectives so feel free to comment on this article below, and share with me one word that best describes your feelings towards gatherings. For me as the Events Manager at Growmotely, gatherings are part of […]

Conflict resolution for a more beautiful world

A few months ago my husband and I moved through a rough patch, and I observed something really interesting during this time. In my mind, he became my opponent. I would be replaying past conversations, or preparing for upcoming conversations, thinking about what I could say to essentially ‘win’ against him. To be ‘right’, and […]

Am I a failure?

Hi fam, I’ve learned something along the way about vulnerability and its power. Firstly, we can share something that topically, by its very nature, is vulnerable. As in, others will likely agree it’s a vulnerable thing to speak about. But in truth, if we’re sharing after we’ve processed it and made peace with it, it’s […]

Bringing your whole self to work

Showing up as our authentic selves at work can be challenging and uncomfortable but also freeing; when you don’t have to pretend you have it all together and you have a supportive team willing to hold space for you, your entire work-life experience changes for good. And then, suddenly, you realize your creations coming from a place of peace and acceptance have a more profound impact than you ever imagined.