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“Remote Works” with Ali Greene  

Ali‘s story as a location-independent professional started where most do – stuck in an office chair in a traditional 9-to-5 life. She was working in New York City, in the Human Resources/Learning and Development department at an advertising agency. When she quit her full-time role to consult and travel she used to joke that she […]

New year inspiration from Bucket List coach Nini Fritz 

“Always set goals from an intrinsic motivation for a powerful why. And go for step-by-step goal setting and tangible action steps.” These words of guidance come from Nini Fritz, whose experience with setting meaningful goals and achieving them transformed her life and led her on the path of helping and inspiring others to live fuller, […]

‘Heart Value’ and the Future of Work 💫 

Our hearts exploded this past Wednesday. What?! Why?! How?!  I know. It’s wild. Check out the WhatsApp chatter to prove it… ⬇️ “I’m so touched by this masterclass!”“I was speechless.”“My heart is about to explode!”“I actually want to cry – the message is so beautiful.”“I cried a lot – every time I was off camera.”“I want […]

French Canadian Anthony Boudreau is living the nomadic dream💫

27-year-old French Canadian Anthony Boudreau created a big splash when he landed as a newbie into our (now open-to-the-world) Growmotely Community about two weeks ago. Right out of the starting blocks, he shared with us the 11 steps that he took in order to transition from being a location-dependent professional in Montreal, to being a location-independent digital nomad – currently residing […]

Upskilling in the realm of remote work via our masterclasses

Here at Growmotely, we’re pumped about learning. We can’t help it; it’s how we’re wired. Stay curious, stay open is one of our five company values, and let’s state what’s true –> curiosity and learning go hand-in-hand. With the recent opening of our community (yay!), we have decided to give a renewed focus to learning. More specifically, our Events […]

Rowland, remote work & being a (dope) father in Lagos…

Rowland Okoli – our UX/UI Designer here at Growmotely – is a remote work evangelist. One noteworthy perk of his remote work lifestyle? Instead of the occasional six-hour stuck-in-traffic drive home from work, he now takes his three kiddos to school every morning, and picks them up every afternoon. Incredible!

Big launch coming next week 💫 

We no longer will be hoarding the beauty of our vibrant and resourceful Community for Remote Professionals. Starting on Monday, 3rd October, we are opening it up to professionals around the world. If you reside on Planet Earth, and you love our vibe, we would love for you to join us!

Assertive behavior and the Future of Work

“Our silence makes our relationships more superficial, as the more we are silent, the more people will only know us partially.” This quote is from a book on assertiveness, by a bloke called Duke Robinson. I was familiar with – and also had bought into – a number of reasons as to why it makes […]

Why we love self-partnered productivity

On Wednesday of this week – the 14th of September – Andreea Ioana Gătin (our masterclass magician here at Growmotely) and I kicked off the first masterclass, called Self-Partnered Productivity, in Growmotely’s new series of masterclasses.  We were thrilled to see people in our community from all over the globe log in to join the masterclass: Sri Lanka, Guatemala, Bulgaria, Romania, […]

What are your needs when it comes to online events?

When you think about “gatherings” what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? I would really love to learn about different perspectives so feel free to comment on this article below, and share with me one word that best describes your feelings towards gatherings. For me as the Events Manager at Growmotely, gatherings are part of […]