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Conflict resolution for a more beautiful world

A few months ago my husband and I moved through a rough patch, and I observed something really interesting during this time. In my mind, he became my opponent. I would be replaying past conversations, or preparing for upcoming conversations, thinking about what I could say to essentially ‘win’ against him. To be ‘right’, and […]

Am I a failure?

Hi fam, I’ve learned something along the way about vulnerability and its power. Firstly, we can share something that topically, by its very nature, is vulnerable. As in, others will likely agree it’s a vulnerable thing to speak about. But in truth, if we’re sharing after we’ve processed it and made peace with it, it’s […]

Bringing your whole self to work

Showing up as our authentic selves at work can be challenging and uncomfortable but also freeing; when you don’t have to pretend you have it all together and you have a supportive team willing to hold space for you, your entire work-life experience changes for good. And then, suddenly, you realize your creations coming from a place of peace and acceptance have a more profound impact than you ever imagined.