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I had the pleasure of catching up with Jordan Carroll – aka ‘The Remote Job Coach‘ – last week. He was tuning in from Bulgaria; he had travelled there to attend the Bankso Nomad Fest…which is a celebration of the location independent lifestyle and nomad mindset. (Sorry, everyone! Tickets are sold out for this year – but perhaps you can snag a ticket for 2023?!) ✨

I was catching up with Jordan to hear more about the book he will soon be putting out into the world – Remote For Life: How to Find a Flexible Job & Fast Forward to Freedom – and his Kickstarter campaign that is supporting this project. Here at Growmotely, we like to stay on top of what Jordan is up to, not only because he is one of our Perks Partners (keep reading if you’re not sure what that is), but also because Jordan is embodying a way of living that we want every single person in our ecosystem to have access to – if this kind of lifestyle sets your soul on fire of course.

Splitting his time – for the most part – between Playa del Carmen (in the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico) and the Bay Area in California, Jordan has often said that remote work gave him his life back. Given this fact, he has been driven by a desire to help others achieve this same freedom and autonomy that transformed his own life. And fortunately for all of us – and like our friends at Go Remotical – Jordan isn’t keeping the secrets of the sauce to himself…he’s sharing them with the world.

There are a number of different ways that you can access his wisdom, his tips and tricks and his good humor – do you know that he dabbles in stand-up? – and I’m going to feature a few here. Let’s kick-off with the Perks Partners space in our platform…

You may remember a recent article we put out into the world about our beloved Lisa Stephenson and her coaching business Invigorate You. Lisa is one of our Perks Partners, too! A Perks Partner is a solopreneur or a company that offers services that are closely aligned to what we’re all about at Growmotely, and – if you are registered on our platform as a remote professional – you have access to significant discounts to their products and services. Jordan, for example, has offered a 50% discount to his signature e-course called ‘The Remote Job Club’ via our Perks Partners space. Woohoo!

As someone who has come to understand that the most effective way for me to truly learn about a subject is to ingest learning from all sorts of different mediums and channels, I love that Jordan is soon to release a book, that will act to compliment a lot of what he teaches in his online course. Jordan shared with me that he is offering a discounted ‘tier’ to everyone in our Growmotely eco-system who would like to join / support his Kickstarter project. Here are some of the services / ‘things’ that he is providing with this tier of support:

➡️ Signed paperback copy of his book
➡️ Digital version of his book (Kindle eBook)
➡️ Your name in the book (wild!)
➡️ Lifetime access to his ‘The Remote Job Club’ course
➡️ Lifetime access to his mastermind group
➡️ Live Q&A group coaching call

Click here to access the full description of the Growmotely Tier; you will need to locate the Pledge column on the right, and then scroll down until you see the aforementioned Growmotely Tier. It looks like this:

Jordan states in the (hilarious) video that introduces and explains his Kickstarter campaign: “I want to help you become the best remote candidate that you can be for remote-first companies both in the strategy of how you search for jobs and how you actually become a better remote employee.

If this speaks to you, Jordan just might be your man.

Here at Growmotely, we love Jordan and the work that he is doing. As I already mentioned, he embodies a lifestyle that we would like anyone (who desires it) to have access to, and we love that – instead of coveting this lifestyle for himself – he works on building bridges every day to help people go from their current reality to living their ideal remote lifestyle. We see the Future of Work as a place where – if we see a way of working and living that sets our soul on fire – we are able to access the resources, with relative ease, that will allow us to create said lifestyle in our own lives.

We would love for you to join us – and Jordan Carroll – in this trailblazing effort to reimagine the world of work. Like Jordan experienced, to do so, just might give you your life back.

Written by: Vanessa Kettner (Growmotely’s Creative Writer and your Remote Work Cupid)
Dedicated to: Jess Rowe – thank you for introducing me to Jordan!

P.S. If you’re in love with what we’re creating in the world, and are keen to invest in our efforts, click here to learn more about our Republic Crowdfunding Campaign. ✨

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