Navigating the job application process

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You’ve got your eye on a role that looks like the dream role for you. It matches your experience and skills, you vibe with the company’s culture and what they do in the world and it feels like a job you’d genuinely love to do. 

How to best move forward?

Forget about old resumes. It’s 2024 and it’s all about showcasing your skills and personality, up front, on your Growmotely candidate profile. Once you’ve got that all nicely done, here’s what’s in store and how to best prep yourself up for the application journey.  

Step 1 | Answering pre-screening questions

This is your first entry in the recruitment process, after you’ve created your candidate profile and identified a role on our job board that’d be a great fit for you. 

Paired with your candidate profile, it’s your official application to the role you’d want, the first contact with the company, and their first introduction to you. It’s a chance to make a great first impression, so make it genuine and good. 

Once you’ve decided the role you’d love to aim for and hit that Apply Now button, you’ll be met with a set of written questions selected by the company to get to learn a bit more about you. After you’ve answered them all and hit submit, your application will be sent in. You’re officially embarked on the journey towards your dream role! 


# Take your time to read the questions carefully and really reflect on the answers you’d want to give. The more genuine and clear your answers are (and the more complete your profile), the better intro you’ll get to do.

# Take a few minutes to review your answers before sending them through. Make sure they read well and that spelling is correct too. At this stage, attention to details can really serve painting a good picture of you. 

Step 2 | Recording your video Q&A

If your initial application gets the green light, the company will move you forward to the next step, the video Q&A. This is where you’ll get to shine bright and show off your vibe.  

You’ll record a short video on the platform, answering a set of (max) five questions picked by the company so they explore more of what you’re all about personally and professionally. Make it count!


# Make sure your connection is stable and your audio and camera view sound and look good. 

# You’ll see your company’s questions at the bottom of your screen. Take a few deep breaths and ground yourself before diving in. You’ll be able to answer questions one at a time, so take additional short breaks between answering them if you feel that helps too.

# Once you complete all questions, make sure you click on “Finish Recording” so your video recording gets through.

Step 3 |  Reference Submit & Review 

If you’ve passed the Video Q&A too, you’ll be moved to the next step, the reference review. Here’s where credentials speak for you! 

If you’ve already submitted your references when you created your profile, there’s nothing left to do. If you haven’t though, this is the time to add your reference contacts on your candidate profile, and they’ll get notified to add a written reference for you.  


# Although having your references included in your candidate profile is not mandatory when you apply for a job, we recommend you start reaching out to your referance contacts early on, so they have enough time to reply

# To make sure you’ll get your references in on time, what you can also do is reach to your reference contacts separately and let them know they should expect 

Step 4 | The Online Interview 

If your references looks all good, you’ll get invited to the online interview. You’ll get to meet face to face with the people behind the company, and your potential future leaders or team mates. Consider this a two-way street conversation that’s meant for them to feel if the alignment is truly there, as well as for you. 


#Take a few moments to relax before the interview and drop in. Once you’re in your groove, click on the button and jump in.

# Come prepared. Research the company and the role as best as you can, and don’t be afraid to ask questions you’d love answers to. The more genuine interest you show in the process, the more connected the interview will be. 

# Don’t try to be something you’re not. Show up as your real authentic self and let your true colours shine through. If this is the role for you, it’s the role for you!

# And once again, make sure you connection is stable and your video and audio quality are good.  

Step 5 | Background Check 

If you’ve passed the interview stage, you’ve practically landed the role. At this point, some companies may ask you to submit a background check. This is what you’d call a criminal record check in most countries, and is usually issued by local authorities. 


# The time it takes to issue your background check may vary from country to country, so best to take that into account and get informed on what the process looks like your country, just in case the company will ask for it. 

Step 6 | The Job Offer

If you’ve made it through these steps, it’s time for the job offer!  

You’ll get an email notification nudging you to go in and review. If you’re down with the company’s offer, sign the offer and wait for the company to seal the deal. You’ll also get notified when the engagement is official, so you can pop that champagne (or smoothie, or beer or whatever’s a treat for you!) 

Guiding notes 

How long the recruitment process will take, varies, of course, from company to company and how many other applicants they’ve got in. You can ease the process though (and have an advantage too) if you keep on the watch for your ‘to do’s’. 

You’ll get email notifications from us prompting you to take the needed actions at every stage of the journey. Stay connected to your platform messages too. The more engaged you are in the process and quick to act, the more chances you’ll have to stand out.

And lastly, take your best judgement, your authenticity and a growth mindset on the journey too. It’ll make for a smooth land in the right place for you.  

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