Out with the old, in with the new

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We live in pretty epic times, friends and fellow human beings. Everything is changing, and quicker than it ever has, it feels. We’re in the midst of transforming as a society. 

Systems are being rethought, currency is shapeshifting, and how we do work is evolving rapidly. What a time to be alive and contributing. 

The change is inward too, as we look at our selves and question what’s working, what’s not and what’s holding us back. Health and wellbeing, relationships, finances, purpose, they’re all up for review.

From individual scale, to society scale and back. Zoom in, zoom out. 

The work (r)evolution

Work is central on this stage. From where we do it and why to how and with whom, it’s in the spotlight too for us to review. 

With anywhere, remote work, access to opportunities is changing too. What once was a practice reserved to a few, is now on the world’s table, becoming widely available.  

Our needs in relation to work are in transition as well, as generations swap and a new work culture is born. Going from fulfilling basic survival needs, to the need of purpose, freedom and sovereignty. 

Such a perfect time and context to sit with ourselves and give these questions some room:

Where are we in our work, and where do we want to go? 

What do we need to thrive, and what stalls our growth? What mindsets and routines should we keep, and what should we let go?

What’s holding us back from doing work that’s right for us? And if we’re already engaged in a job that feels right, what’s holding us back from evolving in that?

How does our work fit in the bigger picture of our lives and society’s?

The next 3 Rs is a cycle to be embraced in our internal environment, this time. It’s a process of reflecting, reframing and releasing to put us on the right track, and worth all the while. 


This is where you get real with yourself. 

Thinking of what kind of work would make you truly excited, and what are the things you’re really equipped to do. What are your best natural skills and what is not ideal for you to do. 

Considering how the world has changed, and yourself too, since you first started out on your career path and if there’s any left or rights turns you need to take. 

Checking back on all your previous work experiences, all the roles you’ve been in. And noting as much as you can about what worked for you, what genuinely drives you, what keeps you engaged and what would be the right work culture and environment for you to belong to. And how you want to contribute. 

Then looking at what habits and routines work for you and what approaches no longer do. Where do you stand in our own way and how you hinder your progress. 

Finally it’s looking at the old stories you have about yourself and the world, your unchecked biases, and borrowed beliefs. And how these might stop you from landing where you want to be. 

And writing everything down, so you can have everything in view.  


Then it’s time to take all these bits and pieces and put them together in a different, new frame. One that’s more fitted to your current view. 

You can have it as a structured write up in your journal, or on your devices, or you can create a vision board out of it. Regardless of the route, just make sure it’s somewhere for you to easily view. 


Out with the old, in with the new.

What doesn’t fit the new picture and frame, doesn’t have to stay.  Half truths about yourself, old identities, drag down mindsets, routines that don’t work, habits that should change. Make room for something new.

Put these down somewhere too. They’ll now become your let go list. Releasing what no longer serves you or fits doesn’t need to happen all at once, but having a record of what’s holding you back will help keep yourself on the right track.

When the cycle is done, it’s time to come back to the surface and change the outside landscape too. And go on a path that’s more aligned to you. 

In landing work that’s right for us what’s often holding us back, is the same thing that keeps us at bay from all the other life upgrades that we could do. 

Change comes with fear. Even good change. And then, faced by fear, we tend to turn back. Find excuses not to evolve, and cuddle in the past. 

And that’s what’s actually holding us back. 

But what if instead of freezing or flighting at fear’s view, we use this momentum to create something new?

Article by Brand and Marketing Manager Theodora Gatin.

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