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Upskilling in the realm of remote work via our masterclasses

Here at Growmotely, we’re pumped about learning. We can’t help it; it’s how we’re wired. Stay curious, stay open is one of our five company values, and let’s state what’s true –> curiosity and learning go hand-in-hand. With the recent opening of our community (yay!), we have decided to give a renewed focus to learning. More specifically, our Events […]

Rowland, remote work & being a (dope) father in Lagos…

Rowland Okoli – our UX/UI Designer here at Growmotely – is a remote work evangelist. One noteworthy perk of his remote work lifestyle? Instead of the occasional six-hour stuck-in-traffic drive home from work, he now takes his three kiddos to school every morning, and picks them up every afternoon. Incredible!

Why we love self-partnered productivity

On Wednesday of this week – the 14th of September – Andreea Ioana Gătin (our masterclass magician here at Growmotely) and I kicked off the first masterclass, called Self-Partnered Productivity, in Growmotely’s new series of masterclasses.  We were thrilled to see people in our community from all over the globe log in to join the masterclass: Sri Lanka, Guatemala, Bulgaria, Romania, […]

Conflict resolution for a more beautiful world

A few months ago my husband and I moved through a rough patch, and I observed something really interesting during this time. In my mind, he became my opponent. I would be replaying past conversations, or preparing for upcoming conversations, thinking about what I could say to essentially ‘win’ against him. To be ‘right’, and […]

Five biases to watch out for as leaders 

According to UK-based Toby Mildon – one of our favorite Diversity & Inclusion Architects here at Growmotely – one of the traits of inclusive leaders is being aware of our blind spots. Wonderful! Now that we all know that, we are well on our way to becoming more inclusive as leaders. Hmmm. The problem, however, is – […]