Owning your days

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Current times invite us to take more and more ownership of our lives. To get off the beaten track and explore our own paths. 

From deciding how and where we want to live and work, to consciously choosing our storylines, how we use our time and how we show up, we’re moving towards more empowered, highly customized lives. 

Remote work is breathing into our lives the needed space for that.

Flexible work and life

We can work virtually from wherever we want, as long as there’s wifi in sight. That means we get to choose the ideal living set up for us. 

We can choose the country, city or scenery we want to live in. With more and more countries offering remote work visas, it’s now easier to embrace a work and travel lifestyle, nomad around  or relocate in a place we feel it’s more suited for us. 

On a day to day basis, and even depending on our tasks, we can then choose the right working environment for us. We can work alone, or with others. At home, in a shared space, or in nature. Or switch between the various options available for us. 

Depending on the level of flexibility in our role, we can also choose when we work.

We can navigate our work days in sync with our natural rhythms and what works best for our bodies and our minds. We can work early in the day or late at night. In big chunks of time or in sprees throughout the day, in line with our own flow of energy and when we’re at our peak of focus and creativity.

We can then design our days to blend in our work with our personal responsibilities, our hobbies and our daily rituals and health routines. We get to integrate our work into our lives instead of squeezing in and fitting our lives around our work.

On this flexible structure we can start designing a customized lifestyle. 

Lifestyle design

Then, there’s a deeper customization we can do in our lives. Designing our lives as we want them to be, living self-directed lives. 

We all have our own versions of what happiness and success looks like to us, and lifestyle design entails defining that for ourselves, and then creating it in our lives. 

Designing our lifestyle starts with drawing a picture of our ideal lives, including our dream job, the type of people we want around, the person we want to become and the ways in which we choose to spend our money and time.

Made popular by Tim Ferris in his book, The 4-Hour Workweek, lifestyle design, in a nutshell,  means intentionally crafting a way of life that aligns with who we are. 

A life that’s an expression of our own nature and innate gifts, our values and dreams, and our purpose, directing how we work, have fun, learn, energize and generally engage with life. 

The core of it is, if we can cultivate a sharp awareness of who we are and the courage to carve our own paths, we can live our lives in more coherence to us. We all have the potential to live more fulfilling lives and in today’s world, it’s more possible than ever to achieve that. 

And beyond this customization set up we have available for us, there’s also always owning our days by practicing mindfulness and being fully present with our time. And embracing those mindsets that empower us to experience more wholeness in our lives.

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