Clearing your mental cache

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We all get a bit lost, every once in a while. Our minds get fuzzy and we can’t seem to grasp clearly what’s in front of us. 

If you’re in it right now and feeling scattered and unfocused in your search for a new role, or you just find it hard to focus on your current tasks and chores, or be present in your day to day living, it might be time to clear some of your mental cache. 

Similar to our homes and our bodies, our mind space needs some regular cleansing and refreshing. There’s a lot happening in our minds on a daily basis, and naturally, we can sometimes experience some mental cloggness and fatigue. 

A few factors add up to this. Luckily, for each of these factors there’s simple routines we can do to get our minds uncluttered and back into clarity. 

Information overload 

We now have access to more information than ever. We’re basically exposed to it 24/7. That in itself gets mentally overwhelming. We’re also experiencing a much higher complexity in our world today, and processing it isn’t always easy. 

Navigating this web of informational complexity every day can get our nervous system in overload, if we don’t have in place some mental hygiene routines. 

1. Set some healthy boundaries. Have a think about how much time you spend taking in information passively as opposed to actively seeking the information you really want and need. 

Limit your daily time on social media to what serves your real needs. Just like multitasking and jumping from tab to tab, our passive endless scrolling through different news and updates burns a lot of our energy and clogs our minds unnecessarily. 

Be also mindful of all the different digital communication tools you use, and how you can use them more consciously. All those notifications coming in get us distracted and unfocused if we don’t implement some healthy boundaries. Consider also having a digital detox every once in a while to reset your nervous system. 

2. Get some of the information out. Have you ever caught yourself repeating in your mind over and over again the things you need to do on that day, or ideas you don’t want to lose? If the information overload is from the ton of ideas and things we’re trying to keep track of in our mind, what we can do is get some of the information out. 

One way to declutter our minds is to export some of this information out. Our minds repeat these things continuously, so we can remember them. But once they’re safely stored somewhere, we give our minds some room to breathe. To-do lists, journaling, digital notes – all these are great tools and techniques to get that information out of our head for the time being.


The big O. Overthinking. We all get here from time to time. Running in circles in our mind, spiralling into thinking. It’s the nature of the mind, I guess, to be chasing its own tale, from time to time. 

Getting out of our minds and into our bodies can help us go off that merry-go-round. 
Overthinking often comes with analysis paralysis, that feeling of being almost physically stuck, so a good practice is to move some of that energy through the body. 

Put your body into motion. Any body movement will do – yoga, swimming, dancing, whatever you enjoy doing physically will help get some of that energy moving. Then, there’s a variety of other powerful body practices we can do like meditation or simply breathing deeply for a few minutes that get us connected back to ourselves and to our bodies. 

Stories, beliefs and mindsets  

We all love stories. Our capacity for story weaving and telling is what sets us apart as human beings. But when they’re left unchecked, some of the stories we tell ourselves can end up working against us, leaving us confused, blocked and constricted. 

Make a routine out of revisiting the stories and beliefs you have about yourself and the world. Are they actually a reflection of reality? Do they they truly support your journey, or are they limiting or even conflicting? There’s quite a bit of mental noise we can cut through here. Looking at the mindsets we embrace helps too – how we approach our daily lives and even these challenges of feeling unfocused. 

Getting ourselves lost is not something to fear. Life is dynamic and continuously moving and it’s part of our journey to sometimes lose our way from time to time, only to get back on it. Putting some healthy mental decluttering routines in place will make sure we’ve supported ourselves to find our way back to the surface. 

Article by Brand & Marketing Manager Theodora Gatin

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