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Hiring an Executive Assistant…in one week

“I can already feel such relief.”“I feel so relieved.”“I’m so happy.”“I’m glad I moved so quickly.”“I already feel such a sense of relief and space.”“I’ve already created a new leadership program…because I had the space.” These are some of the sentiments expressed by our CEO and Founder here at Growmotely – Sarah Hawley– off the back […]

When there is no hierarchy…

“Hierarchy is not part of our language.” This was a statement that our CEO and Founder – Sarah Hawley – casually asserted at our End-of-Year Social Gathering last month. She dropped this zinger after announcing her decision to profit share with all team members…to a tune of 10% of Growmotely’s annual profits. The casualness with […]

Harnessing the power of gratitude within our teams

As leaders of companies, we don’t need to see any formal statistics to know that the happiness levels of our team members (not to mention ourselves) impact performance, creativity and motivation significantly. Isn’t it worth it, then, to invest earnestly in practices that increase our happiness and the happiness of our team members? Of course […]