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I’ve been recently reflecting on how sometimes I forget how much freedom I really have. 

Working remotely (and async) with total freedom over my working hours and my day to day schedule, I have endless possibilities of how I can organize and spend my time. 

There’s literally so many things I could do differently every day. Covid restrictions have substantially loosened up in my country – I’m based in Romania 😉 – so there’s plenty of options available. 

I could be working from home, or from a cafe, I could visit a friend and get to co-work with them or I could be traveling the country while doing my work. I could spend my mornings in nature and dive into work after lunch time, or keep my evenings clear to walk around town or dive into my hobbies. 

However I don’t always lean into all these possibilities, and although I’ve introduced a lot more variety in my life by virtue of anywhere and ‘anytime’ work, I still find myself caught in old patterns and routines. I’m not always aware of the freedom I have, and as a result, block myself from fully enjoying its benefits. 

Interesting how our mind sometimes gets stuck in loops, and forgets to update its programs based on the new realities it’s interfacing. Just like a computer running on an old version of software, we miss important updates. I guess as humans, we often tend to circle back to our limitations, wrapped up in the ‘safety’ of our old mind maps, rather than opening up to the possibilities that exist, within us and outside of us. 

This got me thinking about freedom at a larger, collective scale, and the fact that perhaps we haven’t fully become aware of the abundance available to us. If we look at the world today, I’d say we have more choices than we’ve ever had. 

Most of us can choose where we live, and the communities we’re a part of (locally or across the internet). We have a lot more options on how we can go about our careers and the interests and passions we want to pursue, and we have access to more information than ever before.

We’re now digital savvy workers capable of generating location-independent incomes, and with the world opening up to flexible, remote work, there’s opportunities being created every single day.

We have access to plenty of guidance and growth resources to rely on if we want to refine our skills, learn a new craft or do our personal self-work. And with the extensive research and discoveries done over the past decades in the field of psychology, human behaviour and consciousness, we’re learning we also get to choose how we relate to our thoughts, and the mindsets and beliefs we still wanna carry around with us.

While there are still plenty of limitations around (albeit created by us as a society), it feels like our world is entering a new phase where we’re being called to step into full individual sovereignty. 

With the digital interconnectedness we have today, the access to more diversity, and opportunity, we’re truly empowered to leave the one size fits all approach and choose our own adventure. 

We’re literally given all the tools to consciously choose the kind of life we want to live and the work we want to do. The world is bubbling up with options. 

Of course this comes with greater personal responsibility and the commitment to reflect and bring more awareness into our lives, and identify the path that feels most aligned with us. 

But we’re all heroes of our own adventures anyway. Why not make a conscious choice of the adventure we want to live out in this lifetime?

Article by Brand and Marketing Manager Theodora Gatin

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