Moving from Mexico to Georgia

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Carlos is moving to Georgia. You know, the country that shares a border with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia and Turkey. I can’t tell you when exactly…because he doesn’t know yet. It will probably be at some point in the first half of 2022.

This is incredible.

Who is Carlos, you ask? And: how does this news about him pertain to you?

Let me explain.

Carlos is one of Growmotely’s kick-ass Community Growth champions, and he currently resides in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. This news pertains to you because if Carlos can move across the world – without having to worry about how he is going to make money and how he can keep on a career trajectory that he feels great about – well, then you can, too.

Here’s the thing about location-independent work – and the long-term remote roles (with conscious companies) that are offered on our platform: it is all a total game-changer. 

In the past, when those of us who love to travel and country-hop have felt the urge to pack our bags and change location, there has always been this big question that rears its head:

How am I going to make money living in this new country?

And its cousin-question that pops up after that:

How can I change countries *and* continue on a career path that I feel great about?

Friends. I am here to deliver the good news. 

The Future of Work is a place where we no longer need to mull and anguish over the answers to these two questions.

The Future of Work is a place where we still might need to sort out some logistics when we change our country of residence (e.g. visa, insurance, taxes, etc.) – however: some of the biggest questions that keep us anchored in the country we are in (despite our yearnings to let our ship sail out to sea) are taken off the table. It is, quite simply, incredible.

Here at Growmotely, we are working every day to bring into existence a world where we can change locations with more and more ease.

We want you to be like Carlos, and move across the world if and when the spirit moves you to do so!

Join us in creating this reality.

Written by: Vanessa Kettner (Growmotely’s Creative Writer and your Remote Work Cupid)
Dedicated to: Carlos Cole (Amongst other things, Growmotely’s soon-to-be first Georgia-based team member)

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