Sisters Ayotale and Seun are crushing it

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Sisters Ayotale and Seun blew up their family’s WhatsApp chat last week…and subsequently blew up our internal chat here at Growmotely as well.

Why were these ladies the talk of the town last week, you ask? Good question.

This pair of sisters – living seven minutes away from each other in Port Harcourt, Nigeria (dubbed The Garden City because of its richness in greenery) – each received a job offer from two different companies via our platform on the same day (Wednesday) of last week. Yes!!!!!!!!

Just how exactly did they crush it so completely? And: what can we all learn from them so that we can crush it, too?!

Ayotale – who is the older sister – shared with me that, for her, ALIGNMENT is the key to landing your dream role. “You must find a role that truly speaks to you, your values, your interests and your abilities. Then, when you’re applying, all of these innate abilities will shine through effortlessly.” For Ayotale, when she saw the role that is now hers – Operations Manager / Excellence Ambassador at Hoptix – she said, “The moment I saw it, I said to myself, this role embodies everything that I am. Even the values of the company – this is me.” Apparently, the leadership team at Hoptix agreed; Ayotale’s first day at said company was this week!

Passionate about and feeling aligned with Growmotely from day one, Ayotale was determined to get her younger sister, Seun, up-and-running on the platform just as she was. Life coach, career coach, spiritual coach – Seun says that Ayotale is all of these things to her, and so it was difficult to ignore when her older sister encouraged her to get on our platform to start looking for and applying for aligned roles. Not being offered the first and second role that she applied for, Seun initially felt somewhat discouraged, but her big sister was on her case – making sure that she didn’t throw in the towel after only two attempts.

If ‘alignment is key’ is the sisters’ first ingredient in their ‘recipe for success’, ‘be tenacious and do not give up‘ is surely the second most important ingredient. Ayotale emphasized that Growmotely’s platform is somewhat different from other job platforms, and so it may take a bit of time to learn the ropes. Stick with it. You might have to make some sacrifices as well! Seun – an avid football fan – forwent watching the first half of the final match of the Africa Cup of Nations (Egypt versus Senegal) to be sure that her application for the job that is now hers – Bookkeeper at Gold Standard Fire Protection – was 100% up-to-snuff before she submitted it. Football might have to wait when in pursuit of your dream role!

And finally – what is the third ingredient in the sisters’ ‘recipe for success’? A somewhat unconventional one, I thought. Number three is: get your pastor – or the equivalent in your life – involved! At one point, Seun’s pastor had paid her a visit in her home, and she had mentioned – amongst other things – Growmotely and how she was thinking about applying to the role that is now hers. In no uncertain terms, her pastor instructed, “You need to apply.” !!!! Seun knew not to cross her pastor. We now, of course, love this man. As will, naturally, all of Seun’s future team members at Gold Standard Fire Protection once they start working with her.

Here at Growmotely, we love Ayotale and Seun’s story. We love their story for a number of reasons. Firstly, having a pair of sisters in our own team – our beloved Andreea and Theodora who are based in Bucharest, Romania – we know how powerful and transformative sister magic is, so we can’t wait to have more of this magic in our ‘hired remote professionals’ community. Secondly, these two sisters embody so fully the spirit of what we believe in – alignment, tenacity and joy – that we know they will help us continue to achieve incredible things in the world. And thirdly, theirs is a story of support and encouragement for each other when it comes to creating lives that they love. And couldn’t we all do with a little more of that.

The Future of Work – as we see it – is chock full of stories like Ayotale and Seun’s. We would love for you – and any or all of your siblings – to join us in creating this bright future.

Written by: Vanessa Kettner (Growmotely’s Creative Writer and your Remote Work Cupid)
Dedicated to: Seun’s pastor (Ẹ ṣé gan!!!!)

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