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Questioning is maybe our ‘most human’ trait. 

We’ve all got questions. Some get bigger as we mature, some are simple curiosities, some are more inquisitive. Some we need to answer ourselves and some we rely on others to give us the answers. 

Either way, it’s staying open to the answers that makes the questions worthwhile. 

Every week on our team meeting we read out our core values and share stories of how we’ve lived them out that week (it’s a routine we do together that reconnects us to our guiding principles and keeps us aligned with our vision).

One these values is “stay curious, stay open” which means we seek to ask questions with an open mind, and stay curious always to the infinite possibilities that may exist.

We bring this value in everything we do. Staying curious and open to where the world is going and what’s possible, staying curious and open to your feedback and how you relate with what we’re creating, and staying curious and open to our own potential and how we can fully explore and manifest it in this work (we’re now just a small team of 10 trying to make a positive shift to how we see and do work at a global scale, so we’re conscious to try and leave as many limiting beliefs behind). 

And it’s this value that got us into creating this platform in the first place. It was persistent questions like: What if it’s possible for people all around the world to have access to global opportunities and work from anywhere they want, without sacrificing stability and growth? At companies they feel truly aligned with and where they’ll thrive? How do we facilitate that into the world? How would it transform society?

Staying curious and open also means we believe in challenging the status quote and visioning what’s beyond. Seeing the possible in impossible, stepping outside the box, turning things on their head, because we’ve seen it time and time again – just because something hasn’t been done before, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t or can’t be done.

We’ve taken on quite a mission to tackle some big questions and untie some societal and cultural knots along the way, like dissolving biases, or cracking the code for true work alignment and fulfilment. We love diving into all these questions and while we can’t answer all the big ones (yet), there’s always answers about us we can share. 

To extend our value of staying curious and open to you, I’m gonna leave you with three questions collected from our community interactions whose answers will help you have a clearer, deeper view into what we’re about and open you up to the possibilities that exist. 

Answers to questions 

Do you have freelancing jobs?

We’re not a freelancing platform, we’re here to help professionals find and engage into long term remote roles, at companies that feel like home and where they’re empowered and growing. 

It’s not to say, however that a freelancer can’t turn into a full-time, fulfilled remote professional. 

If you’ve gone into freelancing because you love and value your freedom, but would still like some more security too, you might want to try this sweet middle ground.  

What is the Benefits Program?

Though our benefits program is not live just yet, it’s one of the things we’re most proud of and excited to launch. 

We’ve started off with the belief that professionals wanting flexibility shouldn’t have to trade security and stability to have it. That they could have both, and grow too. That they should have the same benefits, and even more. 

Then, people’s benefit needs are different across countries and at the level of every individual so it makes more sense to have professionals create their own benefit packages according to their own unique wants and needs and create a more variety of options, and that’s what we’re doing – a choose your own adventure type of package that you’ll customize in time. 

Some of things we’re including are Global Healthcare, Professional Coaching, Courses and Education and Therapy.

How can I land a role?

First, you’ll need to reframe that into ‘How do I land my ideal role?’

We’re not here to help you find any job, we’re here to help you find the job. Cause everyone deserves work that makes them feel in alignment, and anyone should be able to pursue that.  

Then you’ll need to be open to the possibility that there is an ideal role for you out there, one that matches your skills, your experience, your values, and where you’d feel excited and alive, and start sketching it out. 

How does it look like? How does it make you feel?

And then you’d need to showcase yourself on your candidate profile in a way that highlights why you’re the ideal person for that ideal role. 

Landing your ideal job might not happen overnight, but it’ll be sure worth the deep dive and patience. 

Have other questions you’d like answers to? Platform support or just some guidance, just drop us a note at and we’ll make sure the answers you’re looking for get to you. 

Article by Brand and Marketing Manager Theodora Gatin

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