The Great Resignation or The Great Redefinition of Work?

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It’s not uncommon for me to be swimming upstream, going against the grain, or having a parallel experience to what the mainstream narrative is telling us we should be having.

This moment in time is no exception. While I hear talk of ‘The Great Resignation’ everywhere, in my alternate Universe I’m experiencing ‘The Great Redefinition of Work’ and holy moly it’s exciting. 

Bearing in mind that every single thing we interact with every day was made up by someone at some previous point in time, we identify the truth that we are creating right now too, and we have a poignant opportunity presently to change the way humans experience ‘work’ forevermore.

What is The Great Redefinition of Work?

Work becomes an integrated part of our lives, because we do it from wherever we are and in the hours that feel most productive for us. There’s no need to work any specified number of hours, as the focus is on getting done what needs to be done, and in fact we’re learning to harness our most efficient and productive brain power to achieve incredible outcomes in less time than ever before. We’re both trusted and empowered to do this, and damn that feels good.

What we 
do, is what we are genius at… our unique gift, talent or skill and this also helps us to spend less time doing it as we’re operating in a flow state when we’re working. Because of the internet and global connectivity, we work at companies that are most aligned to the things we care about in the world, with teammates we feel deep connection with, and in a way of operating that’s most complimentary to our way of being.

Work is pleasure; it’s expansive. It’s an integrated part of our lives in a very positive way.

This is what I experience every day, and what we experience as team members at Growmotely. If you’d told me 10 years ago that the more freedom I gave my team, the more I trusted and empowered them to get to know themselves and work in a way that’s best for them, I wouldn’t have believed it could be so rewarding and effective.

It was 2014 when I turned my companies remote and commenced this journey of letting go as a leader. There was lots of learning, and plenty of two steps forward, one step backward, but ultimately it’s led to a place better than I could ever have imagined.

And this is what I want for humanity too.

Last night over dinner with friends we were talking of The Great Resignation (among other things). At one stage I was asked what I was doing to create positive change in a world where a lot of our systems are broken and no longer serving us. 

My heart filled with joy and satisfaction as I felt into the Great Redefinition of Work that I’m proactively bringing to life and co-creating with our community. Knowing I’m doing meaningful work in the world, that I’m showing up every day for something I care about alongside a bunch of amazing people and in ways that are most resonant for me is where it’s at.      

Shine bright,
Sarah Hawley
Founder & CEO

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