The power of co-creating

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Since we’ve joined forces with our sister company, Grow My Team, we’ve gone from 12 team members to 20 overnight, and we’re still growing rapidly.

Let me tell you… we’re feeling it!

Ideas and notes are flying around in Basecamp – our virtual home and the main tool we’re using to co-create async and remotely – the energy is buzzing and every area is charged up with creativity. In fact, as I’m writing this, I’m popping in and out of the Basecamp doc I’m writing this draft in, to catch up on notifications coming in. 

And at the core of all this, as we’re settling more and more into this bigger team geometry, the main key theme these past weeks has been community and the power of co-creating.

Now, community has been an important pillar (maybe the most important pillar) for us since we went live in April. 

Firstly, as we worked in real communion together, within our team (back to when there were just five of us), and then even more so as we began exchanging notes with many of you. 

We’ve, from the start, committed to co-create with you and as part of our welcoming in of new remote professionals we include a note from our founder and CEO, Sarah Hawley (affectionately known as Sar), asking for your experience-share, ideas and feedback. 

We read every reply. Sar replies to everyone. And of course, all of these notes from our community are valued and welcome, however some notes in particular really make us swoon. You’re jumping in with ideas, validating what we do right, being super supportive and encouraging with the things we could do better, and truly…  simply receiving your feedback and supportive energy from all corners of the earth brings in such an expansive energy. 

Every week Sar shares all of these notes with us, along with her responses. It’s been one of her main commitments to read and reply to all of the emails coming in from you, to personally engage with our community and then share them in our Basecamp so the entire team can see them. 

We thought you might like to take a peek at some of the recent messages that made us most proud of what we do (and humbled by the support we’re receiving ☺️), take a look below and soak in this positive energy…

“It just don’t get any better than this. What have you done ? You guys are completely changing the recruitment landscape for remote professionals. Wow … wow … wow. 😳 I have to give it to you and your team you guys are efficient and effective with a really high stand of professionalism. Growmotely is the ultimate benchmark 
🙌Anyway, I can go on and on in commending you and your team as this has truly been a life changing experience and in less than 24 hours from signing up with Growmotely. I simply love it, all of it and every single detail of your platform, business operation and brand.”

I have to be honest and say that I have basically tried almost every other remote job application platform and Growmotely is by far the best in my experience. I have just completed my Remote Professional Profile and the user interface, ease of use and simplicity of a well organised and structured platform is simply amazing. What I even love more about the platform is the option to link your Payoneer account 💯  My overall experience has been very good so far, especially considering the sincere tone and spirit of the company culture.”

“Thank you very much for the communication, kind words and absolutely wonderful initiative Indeed, let’s consider ourselves the road openers in this new but not so new initiative of the companies to spread their wings towards remote work. I am trilled to see that society is developing and now more than ever, both personal time and professional time are trying to be balanced in a way that can satisfy both employer and employee.”

It’s how we’ve envisioned creating this space and movement from the very beginning, however  getting to actually see and feel this ecosystem being birthed is something entirely different.  

Just thinking about how we’re connecting across the globe, with our community, our aligned allies and partners, around a vision that’s coming to life is truly mind-blowing. 

It’s incredible to witness the energy that’s building around what we’re creating at Growmotely., and it’s all come about because we’re doing this together. We’re so grateful to be here among you. 

From our visionary hearts to yours, we thank you.

Article by Brand and Marketing Manager Theodora Gatin

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