What’s love got to do with work?

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This one’s gonna get personal real quick. 

Want to hear my deepest heart’s desire? 

It’s also the reason I love being a part of what we’re doing here at Growmotely so much. 

Here it goes. For some years now I’ve been thinking (a bit obsessively) about what the world would look like if more people would do for ‘work’ what they truly love. 

And what they’re naturally good at, which seems to be one and the same (I love how nature is woven into that one). It’s proven we’re always better at what we love because we’re genuinely more interested to invest time and energy in something that, in return, feeds us with energy too. 

Not that we’d need proof. 

Our heart knows.

It knows how it feels when it’s moving in flow. 

To me, a world where there would be more love pouring into our work doesn’t look bad at all. With work that’s more aligned to who we are and what we’re here to do in the world. Work we could do not without effort, but without struggle. A labour of love. 

After all, our work gives birth to our environment, our systems, our society, our culture. Every bit, big or small, amounts to the whole. The work we do literally creates the world around us, so I’d hope there’s more love driving it all. 

How do we get there, though? How do we make love and work, work more closely together? What kind of social and cultural infrastructure would we need to build for that to happen?

Big questions I don’t have big enough answers to, but… my deepest heart’s desire is to play my part in finding those answers and to then witness how the world transforms. 

We still look at work as something outside of our life (and therefore our world), although ironically we spend so much of our time and energy doing it. 

We even say “work-life balance”, as if work isn’t a part of our lives and doesn’t need to be integrated to the extend of its worth.

There’s a cultural separation between life and work. A dissociation. And most times, it’s just because we don’t enjoy it that much, or at all. 

It makes sense to want to ‘run’ away from it, to draw a separation line, and battle for balance. The problem is when we’re battling for balance, we’re missing the point.

It’s why we at Growmotely talk so much about pursuing one’s aligned, ideal role. Because work we can enjoy and fully integrate into our lives is truly sustainable, thriving work. Balance then comes naturally, out of our integrity and wellbeing, and society’s as a whole. 

Work, like all matters, is a matter of the heart. 

And a big one now there’s so much loving work to be done in the world.

Article by Brand and Marketing Manager Theodora Gatin

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