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In the masterclass that Jordan Carroll (aka ‘The Remote Job Coach‘) delivered to our community on Wednesday, 26th January – entitled ‘Thriving as a Remote Worker’ – he opined that every nomad should strive to cultivate the ability to create and maintain rituals…rituals that transcend any one country or location. Rituals that we can do regardless of where we find ourselves.

The reason this is important is because when we lose our ability to ground our rituals in location, it is crucial that we find other ways to anchor ourselves. Ways that are adaptable to each new land – and each new neighborhood – that we find ourselves in. 

Given this…why not anchor ourselves in one of the most divine beverages in the world?! One that we are able to find practically everywhere? 

No! I’m not talking about water, wine or whisky.
And I’m not talking about matcha – although this is Jordan’s beverage of choice.

I am referring to kaffe.

Otherwise known as:

Coffee (English) 
Cafea (Romanian)
Kape (Tagalog)
Kahawa (Swahili)

One of our favorite themes to talk about here at Growmotely – when it comes to our rituals – is coffee. How we consume it; where we consume it; when we consume it; and what type we consume. Our kick-ass recruitment superstar – Lee Van Staden – often argues that recruiters are the most tenacious when it comes to their coffee-drinking game, but the rest of us here at Growmotely feel like we are anything but slackers in this area.

You may remember Maddie Musculescu – one of our stellar Community Growth leaders – from her performance in the 2021 Growmotely Touch-Typing Olympics back in November. (That’s right! She was our gold-medal winner.) Maddie – who is based in Bucharest, but a frequent visitor to London – has a very special connection with coffee. “The first thing I do as soon as I wake up is put the kettle on and do a little happy dance while it brews. I carefully sprinkle the coffee, stir it gently and smell the aroma, then let it decant for a few minutes.” …and in the evening… “sometimes, after a long day at work, I treat myself to a black coffee with amaretto – an Italian bitter almond-based alcoholic drink. It was recommended to me when I was in Italy and I’ve been in love with it ever since.” 

Carlos Cole – also on our Community Growth squad – has been around coffee ever since he can remember. In Mexico City, his grandparents used to invite the whole family over for coffee twice a week, and by 15-years-old he was drinking coffee regularly. Carlos’ favorite pouring method involves a French press (a bit like this), and his morning coffee-drinking ritual consists of filling up and turning on his electric kettle (just after waking up) and then grinding some beans while he waits for the water to boil. He then prepares the French press, pouring water while stirring the mix for a few minutes. Once ready, he takes his elixir to the garden (jardín en español), sits there in peace (without any devices!) for up to 15 minutes. Después, he makes his way back inside…now, of course, ready for the day ahead.

And if you will allow me to take you back to Bucharest… This is where our incredible Events Manager (yes – the one who brought our community the forward-thinking Align Summit), Andreea Gătin, wakes up every morning, and heads to her favorite coffee shop that is close to her home. The lovely baristas there already know what she likes: a flat white made with Colombian coffee. But also sometimes a caffè latte or a cappuccino  – with coffee from Burundi. “There’s something about to-go coffees that give me a taste of freshness and adventure…travelling with a bit of fanciness.”

And finally, in my own coffee-ecosystem, I call said beverage ‘liquid love’, as my once-barista boyfriend, brews it twice a day on his Italian moka pot in our little kitchen, and then pours it – and the milk he has frothed in his French press – into our beloved Bodum doubled-walled glasses. He delivers mine to me once in the morning and then again in the early afternoon. Upon reception, my tastebuds (and heart) explode every time.

Is coffee the most magical drink in the world? The most magical drink that is found practically everywhere in the world?


Is creating rituals around making it and drinking it supremely enjoyable? 

We think so.

Here at Growmotely, we all work remotely, and therefore, we have come to understand the importance of rituals. Whether in Bucharest or elsewhere, our rituals (coffee-drinking and otherwise) ground us (no pun intended) and help us to get our work done in a way that brings us joy. For us, the Future of Work is a place where we all create the space for the rituals that we love…rituals that we keep close to our hearts as we enjoy where we are right now…and rituals that we carry with us as we travel around the world. 

Written by: Vanessa Kettner (Growmotely’s Creative Writer and your Remote Work Cupid)
Dedicated to: all of the ritual-lovers and / or coffee-lovers out there in our Growmotely ecosystem… 

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