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When we talk about remote work here at Growmotely, we’re not simply referring to the location of our physical bodies and how they aren’t stuck in an office all day.

Yes – when we work remotely, we have more freedom over where we choose to put our bodies…HOWEVER. This is only part of the equation, and it is – arguably – not the most important part.

When we talk about remote work at Growmotely, we are in fact talking about a complete and total paradigm shift. In both work and in life. And we are keen for you to join us in this revolutionary paradigm shift.


Since our inception, when a conscious-culture company hires a remote professional via our platform, they become – in Growmotely lingo – a Hired Remote Professional (or Hired RP) and they are sent an invitation to join our vibrant, resource-filled Community Hub – managed and looked after by our Community Manager Adriana Mendoza.

In this community space, we focus on connection, learning and personal and professional growth – via masterclasses, masterminds, live events and more.

Every day we – enthusiastically – marry remote work with the cultivation of a beautiful, heartfelt, global community of professionals who are deeply interested in and committed to personal and professional growth.

You perhaps remember Bibiana – from Colombia – who is a graphic designer for RWT Growth. Or what about Christy from South Africa, who made an inspiring career pivot? Then there’s Vanessa from Venezuela – and sisters Ayotale and Seun from Port Harcourt, Nigeria. These are some of the ambitious and joyful souls who make up our internal Community of Hired Remote Professionals here at Growmotely, and we are thrilled to announce – after months of preparation – that we will no longer be hoarding this space exclusively for our Hired Remote Professionals

We have, in fact, made the decision to take it one step further and to open our Community up to the world. ❣️🌍 

Yes! It’s true.

Starting on Monday, 3rd October, any professional – the world over – who aligns with our vibe and what we’re doing in the world, will be able to join our global community here at Growmotely for a monthly ‘pay what you can’ subscription fee. (There will be five price points that you can choose from.)

Some of us already have a global community of like-minded remote professionals within the companies we work for, but whether you have one or not, what we are creating – and offering – to the world, will hopefully be above and beyond what you currently have access to.

Our vision is – via this community – to:

➡️❣️offer resources and guidance that cover the full spectrum of skills, mindsets and practices that empower us to thrive remotely 
➡️❣️ share authentically our remote work journeys with one another
➡️❣️ augment each other’s growth
➡️❣️ help each other navigate what for many of us is a huge transition

And why exactly is this needed, you ask?

I’d like to bring you back to the beginning of this piece, and remind you that remote work – as we see it – is one tiny catchphrase we use on occasion to describe a new way of working and being in the world. This new way requires that we unlearn, reframe and relearn. Rinse and repeat. And for many, it’s nothing short of a life transformation…and we have – quite simply – created a community to facilitate this transformation!


Here at Growmotely, we are busting at the seams with excitement. We have built a Community Space through which you can upskill and grow with others across the world in a way that will prepare us all for the Future of Work. A Future of Work that we all will co-create together.

We have boiled it down into a simple formula:

Remote Work Personal and Professional Empowerment & Growth + Global Community = A New World of Work💫

There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. We can’t wait for you to join us!

Written by: Vanessa Kettner (Growmotely’s Creative Writer and your Remote Work Cupid)
Dedicated to: Adriana Mendoza (Growmotely’s current – and your future? – Community Manager)

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