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Harnessing the power of gratitude within our teams

As leaders of companies, we don’t need to see any formal statistics to know that the happiness levels of our team members (not to mention ourselves) impact performance, creativity and motivation significantly. Isn’t it worth it, then, to invest earnestly in practices that increase our happiness and the happiness of our team members? Of course […]

What is our ‘light shadow’ – and why does it matter?

Many of us are familiar with the concept of our ‘shadow selves’ – those parts of us that we would rather not be. Carl Jung brought these ideas to us in the 20th century and in doing so gave us some incredible tools to understand ourselves and our behaviors on a deeper level. The concept […]

The Great Resignation or The Great Redefinition of Work?

It’s not uncommon for me to be swimming upstream, going against the grain, or having a parallel experience to what the mainstream narrative is telling us we should be having. This moment in time is no exception. While I hear talk of ‘The Great Resignation’ everywhere, in my alternate Universe I’m experiencing ‘The Great Redefinition of Work’ […]