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What a time to be alive! – is a line we hear frequently these days. Said with excitement or in disbelief, it carries a feeling I think many of us share – the feeling that something big is happening and that we get to live it. 

Our reality has shifted enough over the past year and a half to make us question and reconsider some core aspects of how we live, work and contribute to society. 

As the freedom to work from anywhere we choose is gradually settling in as a new ‘normality’, we’re also redefining our perspective on work, and our relationship with it. 

We’re taking a leap from our old structures into a new way of approaching work and how it integrates with all our other life pieces. 

It’s all pretty epic. 

And it’s very exciting to think what the dimension of work in each of our lives will look like in the not so distant future and how that will transform our society. 

Future work vision

Our superpower, as humans, has always been visioning. 

Everything in our society was once just a vision, and now once again, we’re being called to tap into our individual and collective creativity and  consciously create a new vision. 

On an individual level, we’re empowered to step more into our sovereignty and make those work choices that serve us, create more freedom in our lives, and allow us to embrace more self-responsibility. 

On a society level we’re moving towards collaborating more expansively, both geographically and with how we see and approach work dynamics and relationships. 

At the intersection of these two a new vision of work is emerging, in a new form, and carrying new meanings. 

What is possible

The potential of innovation that’s been unlocked by remote work is also an invitation for us to rethink what else can evolve in other areas of our lives and in society. 

Present times are brimming with possibilities. 

And while there’s always uncertainty and ungroundedness that comes along with change and evolving, our gift in this transformation is the fertile soil we get to start planting new seeds. 

Now is a great time to tune into our highest vision of what our life in this world can be.

What a time to be alive indeed.

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