Is your money happy?

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Do you say ‘thank you’ (in Japanese) when you find a coin on the ground? And: do you say ‘thank you’ (in Japanese) when you pay your electricity bill? If not – WHAT?! We need to talk. Ken Honda thinks you should. And I do, too!

Let me explain.

OK – so here’s how the story goes. Apparently – please know that, unfortunately, I wasn’t actually there – it all started at a party in Japan. Ken Honda – a best-selling self-development author – was minding his business and chatting innocuously to other guests at the party. At one point a stranger approached him and asked him if she could take a look at his wallet. Curious as to what she was up to – and not feeling any sense of danger – he said ‘yes’ and handed over his wallet. The stranger went straight for Ken’s cash, and upon examining it – clearly impressed – she announced…wait for it…that his money was smiling and even laughing. Ken’s money was happy!

She then walked away. End of story.

Except that it wasn’t…

Unicorn job-seekers! Ken Honda was moved so much by this idea of ‘happy money’ that he decided to EXPLORE it more…just like we will do here.

So: what is…HAPPY MONEY exactly?

Happy money is money that has come into your life by way of joyful and meaningful work. It is money that has been earned from a place of gratitude and love. Our money is happy when we honor it; when we act in ways that show it respect; and when we give and receive it with a simple and meaningful ‘thank you’ – an ‘arigato!’

Here at Growmotely, we are on a mission to pump as much Happy Money into circulation as possible. We see the miserable / cranky / resentful money that is in circulation, but we do not kowtow to it. Every day, our community of remote professionals and conscious-culture companies grow, and with that growth, we see the emotional landscape of the money that is in circulation shift – one dollar, one leu, one CFA franc at a time.

Brave seeker. If the mysterious woman at the party in Japan shows up at one of your shindigs and asks to see the money in your wallet. What will she find?

The Future of Work deals in one currency: Happy Money

Join us.


Written by: Vanessa Kettner (Growmotely’s newest Creative Writer – and your remote work cupid)
Dedicated to: Lisa Stephenson (Growmotely’s Community Manager – who is based Down Under!)

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