Landing your dream role is not a numbers game

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Landing a dream job can look like a game of pure luck and random chances. But only if we treat it that way. Sure, some luck may be involved, but even luck comes with the right preparation and attitude. 

The greatest gamblers know that. They have a well thought out strategy, a clear set of intentions and a deep understanding of who they are and how they want to move further. 

Their luck is self made that way. They don’t gamble on any and all things, hoping something will stick. They go for the right aim. 

Similarly, landing a role that’s right for you is more about setting yourself up to meet the right chances, instead of going for every opportunity that’s out there. 

What is getting lucky in your job search really all about?

Knowing yourself 

To be able to align with what is right for you, you’ll need to check in with yourself first. Lucky chances come easier when you know clearly what you should be looking for. 

Think about what the ideal type of work, area of focus, and company culture looks like for you. Look back on your professional journey and reflect on when you’ve been most and least fulfilled. Factor everything in – your skills set, team dynamics, culture, and your own working style too. 

Right positioning 

Then take all this knowledge and use it to position yourself in the right way on your Growmotely candidate profile. A one size fits all approach just won’t do. 

Keep your mind on your ideal role and the type of culture you’d like to work in. Clearly articulate what you’re looking for on your profile and what kind of environment you’ll thrive most in. Then showcase how your professional experience and personality align with what you’re looking for. 

You’ll be way better positioned and likely to attract the opportunities that suit you.

Quality over quantity 

Contrary to what it might seem like, job applying isn’t a numbers game. Applying for more job positions doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have more chances of landing your dream role. 

In fact, most times, applying to any and all opportunities ends up being a distraction from seizing the right ones and makes for a poor gamble at where you genuinely want to go. 

The right gamble is always on yourself 

If you’re gonna gamble on something, gamble on that one sure bet – yourself. In this case, gambling will look more like safe investing, instead. 

Invest the time needed to reflect on what’s really suited for you and where you’ll be able to bring your best game. Invest patience in clearly articulating that on your candidate profile and looking out for those opportunities that are really a great fit for you. 

And invest your energy in applying for those roles that would truly shine a light on you, rather than scattering it away everywhere, with little if any, actual display. 

Play the long term game 

It’s all a game of perspective in the end. It’s choosing to embrace the bigger picture over the short-term view. 

Sure, you could place a quick bet and just land any old job, applying everywhere and learning all the tips and tricks to nail the interview. 

But have a deeper think of whether that’s going to serve and support you on the long term too. Or whether it’s just gonna push you into another cycle of frustration, a ‘quit and search for job again’ play. 

Quick fixes are just not what we need to truly thrive. They can make us feel safe in the moment, and often disguise themselves into smart shorter routes. But in reality, they just keep us running in circles, and far from our truth. 

Be on the watch and make the right gamble instead. And when you’re there, go all in. 

Article by Brand and Marketing Manager Theodora Gatin

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