Remote work is a game changer for parents

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A month ago I gave birth to my son, Luka Joseph. He’s my first child, and came along after much consideration. I wasn’t sure I’d ever have children, but when I met Joe (my now husband) that inclination shifted. 

While I found pregnancy challenging, due to how uncomfortable my body felt, I had no idea what ‘challenge’ was until Luka came into the world! Our first night with him was utter chaos. He was screaming all night long and we had no idea what to do to calm him. We both didn’t sleep…

This carried on for a few nights until we started to find our flow, however (and anyone else who has children will likely relate) the changes to one’s lifestyle when a first baby comes along is nothing short of a rude shock!

I don’t think it’s possible to fully prepare for, and is something we simply find our way through. The fact they’re so cute and lovable certainly helps. 😉

These past weeks have had me reflecting, and have inspired in me an even deeper passion for the work we’re doing with Growmotely…

Joe and I both work remotely. 

We have a full time nanny. 

We’re surrounded by an incredible community here in Austin, truly a soul fam. 

Plus, Joe’s parents live here too.

We literally have the perfect setup, yet those first few weeks were still incredibly difficult. I cannot even begin to imagine what it’s like for those where one or both parents have to return to work, in an office, not long after their baby is born.

My whole pregnancy I marveled at how normal it was for women to go to an office right up ’til a few weeks before their due date. Wearing suits and high heels. Throwing up in the office bathroom due to morning sickness. “Those women are superheroes” I’d think, as I took my third nap for the day. In my own bed. At home.

Because we at Growmotely also work fully-flexibly (otherwise know as async) I was able to work the odd hours that pregnancy allowed me to, often between 2am and 6am due to insomnia. It didn’t matter what time of day I worked, I just focused on getting done the things I needed to. 

And the same is true for right now as I’m returning to work. Because I don’t have to go anywhere, I can just log in here and there and build back up over time as Luka and I settle more into our mother-son routine.

I can sit with him feeding, and reply to a voice note from the team. When he goes down for a nap, I can bang out an email (like I’m doing right now).

It’s making for a smooth and natural transition. I’m organically finding the space for me to be a mother, and a CEO. My team are supportive. I can express milk on a call if I need to. I can work less one day if Luka’s up all night, and more on other days where he’s settled and happy.

This is how it should be.

This is my family. The people I chose to ‘do life’ with, and as such I want to be able to spend most of my time with them. But I don’t want to give up that integral part of who I am in order to do that, I’m an entrepreneur, founder, CEO to my core. I LOVE it. I feel as though I’d shrivel up and turn to dust without it (a little melodramatic I know, but the honest truth is much of the meaning I create in my life comes through the work I do in the world).

I also love to travel. And I love to wake up in the morning naturally, with no alarm. I like to have coffee in bed, then meditate and go to yoga. I like to work in my afternoons. I like to say yes to spontaneous opportunities that arise. 

Freedom is my highest value, and that’s what working in an aligned, passionate, anywhere and async way is all about.

This is what Growmotely is all about.

And I am dang proud of this important work we’re doing in the world.

Article by CEO and Founder Sarah Hawley

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