Showing up for what you want

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A few weeks back while listening to a podcast, I had a realization that struck me to the core. The idea put on the table was that the most efficient form of faith or prayer is action. That it’s the active and honest pursuit of what we want and aspire towards that gets us to where we want to go.

It got me to reflect on all the times I was reaching out for something I wanted – without fully engaging in that direction though – only to end up feeling frustrated and blocked, and thinking that what I wanted was unfairly being kept out of my reach. 

Truth was, I was the one keeping them out of reach. I wasn’t really showing up for myself and for what I wanted. I was talking the talk, but wasn’t walking the walk. 

It also got me thinking about all the ways I’m doing this still. How I say I want something, but then catch myself acting in a way that doesn’t reflect or support that. And just how pervasive this aspect of our human behaviour is.

There’s this thread of incoherence that permeates all our lives and if we’re not paying close attention, it can sabotage us, big time. This of course applies to all areas of our lives. 

We want to be healthy, to feel energized and in our best physical shape, but we don’t fully take responsibility for our bodies or care for them like we could. 

We crave the experience of love and connection, but we’re holding back on our love and act in ways that push away real closeness and intimacy. 

We dream of having a job that fulfils us, but we don’t really explore what that looks like for us, nor do we do all that is in our power to make it happen. 

We’re on an endless quest for freedom, but we wrap ourselves in limiting beliefs and lock ourselves in our tiny ‘security’ boxes. 

It’s like we’re sending out mixed signals out in the universe. And not surprisingly, the signals we get back are equally confusing. 

There’s something off in this continuous feedback loop that is in our power to change. It’s our true commitment to the process. And the awareness that while we can’t really control life, we can always choose to cooperate with it and do our own part in supporting ourselves with the right actions and decisions. Truly co-creating with life by allowing and helping life help us.

There’s no magical journey of getting where we want to go without us actually showing up. We could have all the maps and compasses in the world, all the supplies and help available for us too, but without showing up and taking some real, consistent steps on our path, we can’t really get too far, can we? 

So my invitation here is to join me in this self-reflective, self-empowering exercise. Think about all the things you truly want, then write them down and note in all truth, the ways in which you currently support or undermine your quest. 

Then make a commitment to be on the watch, to stay centered in your awareness and show up for yourself and the life you want to create. 

In the end, how we meet life is how life meets us. And I hope your encounter turns out to be as expansive and soul fulfilling as it gets.

Article by Brand and Marketing Manager Theodora Gatin.

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