The inner journey and the outer journey…

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Here at Growmotely, we’re living at the intersection of remote work and conscious culture. And we’re loving it. But this begs the question: are these two phenomena an ‘odd couple’? Or rather: the ‘perfect pair’?

Thomas Merton – one of the Western World’s most beloved, influential and prolific Catholic monks – writes the following in his book ‘Mystics and Zen Masters’:

The geographical pilgrimage is the symbolic acting out of an inner journey. The inner journey is the interpolation of the meanings and signs of the outer pilgrimage. One can have one without the other. It is best to have both.”

Reflecting on Merton’s musings, it then makes sense to ask: Was it by chance that our Founder and CEO Sarah Hawley’s inner journey and growth was unleashed once she turned her companies remote in 2014 and followed her urges to roam around the world? Or: are the two deeply intertwined? 

And is it chance that Carlos Cole (our ‘Head of Growth’ here at Growmotely) – who is flying from Mexico City to Madrid on 12th March to start a new chapter of his life on a new continent – is also feeling the stirrings of being on the brink of significant inner growth and change? Or: is one part and parcel of the other?

And what about our Chief Marketing & Brand Officer – Theodora Gatin? Did her leaving her native Romania in 2017, and moving to Mauritius, and then Greece, set her off on a journey that ultimately led her to living a more aligned life? Or: was the fact that the two happened concurrently a coincidence?

Which comes first when it comes to poultry: the chicken or the egg?
Which comes first when it comes to people: the inner journey or the outer journey? 
Which comes first when it comes to companies: remote work or conscious culture?

They are interesting questions to ponder, but ultimately, it doesn’t really matter what the answer is…if there even is one. What matters is the fact that the two are often intimately intertwined, and rightfully and beautifully so.

Here at Growmotely, we see the Future of Work as the playground for individuals to grow – both via their inner journeys and their outer, geographical journeys. We think the best way to facilitate this growth is by (1) being part of conscious-culture companies and (2) working within frameworks that allow us to follow our own unique geographical ‘pilgrimages’ when the spirit moves us to do so. 

Join us! 

Join us in helping us turn this vision into reality. 

Written by: Vanessa Kettner (Growmotely’s Creative Writer and your Remote Work Cupid)
Dedicated to: Taylor Jacobson (Founder and CEO of Focusmate) – whose inner and outer journeys are making the world a richer place

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