When the stars align

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In our team we talk a lot about alignment. We’re constantly making sure that we’re all feeling aligned with our vision, values and what we’re building in the world and also that our community embraces, shares and nurtures the same values as we do. 

Bringing more alignment into the work world is also a core part of our purpose as a company, and helping people all around the world find aligned roles where they can truly show up as themselves, in their full integrity and potential. 

That’s because we know how vital and expansive alignment is. And how disruptive and constricting misalignment can be. 

We take a very conscious approach with who we let into our ecosystem too, be it partners, investors or anyone involved in our community, in one way or the other. 

It’s not that we don’t want to have as many people as possible on this journey we’re taking – in fact having a big community where every single person in the ecosystem is thriving is part of our higher vision – but we know that where misalignment exists, there’s resistance and friction, and holding back. 

Likewise, we know that working in a role or an environment that isn’t aligned with our values or meeting our core needs can bring about a lot of inner conflict and block our natural creative flow. 

Occasional friction is of course part of life, and can be a way for us to fine tune and learn more about ourselves and others, but when it’s a daily reality, it ends up consuming most of our resources and leaves us feeling depleted, unmotivated and far off-course. 

When we work in alignment and coherence with our values, gifts and our core beliefs on the other hand, we’re taking the shortest route to fulfilling (and expressing) our potential, and finding meaning and purpose in our work. Work becomes an extension of who we are, instead of a contradiction. And that is truly liberating.

Now our scarcity mindset might tell us that seeking and finding alignment in work is  hard, even impossible, or a luxury only a few can afford, and that we should just go for whatever opportunity arises. 

But the reality is we live in a day and age where finding alignment is actually very possible. The world is more connected than ever, and opportunities abound, both in quantity and diversity, giving us a lot more chances to find companies and roles we genuinely feel aligned with, as long as we’re willing to look out for them. 

And if you think about it, if you’re gonna put energy into looking for a role, you might as well channel that energy in the right direction, and find something that truly excites you, that is in harmony with who you are. In the end, the amount of work is the same. But it’s far more enjoyable. 

In fact, whatever you think the effort is to seek and find aligned roles, it doesn’t even come close to the effort and energy it takes to constantly mitigate these continuous inner (and eventually outer) conflicts between your values and needs and the values and needs of the company and team you’re a part of, if you’re missing that alignment.

My belief is that alignment is just life keeping us on our natural evolution course and that what genuinely attracts us is what’s best for our healthiest growth. It’s moving towards, rather than moving against ourselves. It’s getting out of our own way. 

It’s allowing stars align for us. 

As an ‘aligned’ side note, I’m actually writing these words to you under a full starry sky, in a remote village in the heart of my home country Romania, where I came for a week to work immersed in nature and quietness (thanks to remote work!). And what I was reminded was that in nature, everything is in alignment and everything has its own unique place under this starry sky. 

Article by Brand and Marketing Manager Theodora Gatin

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