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Top 5 pre-screen questions for culture-first hiring

If you think the way we do at Growmotely, you share the view that people are the most important part of any business. Which means hiring the right people, who align with the organization’s culture (what we call a ‘culture-first’ approach to hiring) has to be a top priority. Less is more, in our opinion, […]

Am I a failure?

Hi fam, I’ve learned something along the way about vulnerability and its power. Firstly, we can share something that topically, by its very nature, is vulnerable. As in, others will likely agree it’s a vulnerable thing to speak about. But in truth, if we’re sharing after we’ve processed it and made peace with it, it’s […]

Bringing your whole self to work

Showing up as our authentic selves at work can be challenging and uncomfortable but also freeing; when you don’t have to pretend you have it all together and you have a supportive team willing to hold space for you, your entire work-life experience changes for good. And then, suddenly, you realize your creations coming from a place of peace and acceptance have a more profound impact than you ever imagined.